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3091Univ d'été de la traduction financière, Bru ssels, July 2-4

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  • Chris Durban
    Jun 5, 2014
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      This is a reminder that you can still register for this three-day course, which is organized by SFT in conjunction with Euronext. 

      Dates: July 2-4
      Venue: Euronext Brussels (Brussels Stock Exchange). 
      For the full program (which is *excellent*), see 

      There's a reduction for members of professional associations, as well as an earlybird rate ending... tomorrow. 

      A personal note: if I taught translation and had anything to do with, say, business/financial translation in French<>English, this event would be a priority for me. Why? Because you'll pick up information that will help you understand the field better. You'll build a network with top-level, practicing professionals. You'll be able to orient your students better (starting with leads for internships and the like). Above all, you'll be able to pass on some of the excitement and passion of translating for demanding clients in this incredibly fast-moving environment (when I've sat in on business & finance translation courses in the past, I've been overwhelmed by the doze factor in all but one or two cases).

      If your funds are limited, note that there are a few scholarships available (= waiver of registration fee). If interested, contact uetf@... ASAP to explain why it is important that you attend. 

      Chris Durban
      Co-organizer, UETF 2014
      Christine Durban
      70 rue de Rome
      75008 Paris, France
      Tél +33 1 42 93 58 02
      Mob +33 6 37 92 82 05