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2971Translating music - opening seminar Mapping Music

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  • lucja_b2002
    Jun 2, 2013
      The opening seminar of the ‘Translating Music’ project, 'Mapping Music',
      will take place on June 26 from 5.45 pm at Europe House, Smith Square,
      London SW1. It will include talks by Judi Palmer (Royal Opera House)
      (Surtitling Today), Mark Harrison (MTV) (making Music accessible) ,
      Raffaella Vota (Tag Worlwide) (Song Localisation in advertising) and members
      of Deluxe Media (Subtitling Film music)

      All welcome but participants must register. For information and
      registration, see http://www.translatingmusic.com/ (Future events tab).

      ‘Translating Music’is an AHRC-funded international network project led by
      Lucile Desblache (project coordinator), Helen Julia Minors(Kingston
      University) and Elena Di Giovanni (University of Macerata,Italy) which aims
      to contribute to new developments in the translation of musical texts.

      Exploring the interpersonal, intercultural, intralinguistic and
      interlinguistic bridges on which music and translation intersect, it
      examines how words linked to music are currently translated and what is
      needed to improve the provision of such translation, within, but also beyond
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