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2729CFP Cultus: Training for an intercultural world

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  • Anthony
    Oct 4, 2011
      Cultus: the Journal of intercultural mediation and communication

      First Call for abstracts

      "Training for a transcultural world"

      30th November 2011: call for abstracts
      15th March 2012: full papers

      ISSUE 5 (2012) will focus on "Training for a transcultural world". We are particularly interested in contributions focussing on research, models, strategies and also practical exercises which either break new ground on classic linguacultural divides, or reach beyond static, stereotypical `cultural differences' and focus on the `in betweenness' of living, translating, working or studying across cultures, which are themselves dynamically evolving.
      In either case, "Training for a Transcultural World" will aim to help those living among and between constantly shifting linguacultural realities to act, communicate, translate, and in general, interact more effectively.

      More info at: www.cultusjournal.com

      ISSUE 1 2008 Translation at Work
      + interview between international Translation scholars, Andrew Chesterman and Mona Baker, where she discusses her views on conflict and mediation.
      ISSUE 2 2009 Training and Competence
      + interview between interculturalist Geert Hofstede and linguist Delia Chiaro. Hofstede defends criticism from linguists (discussed in detail in the editorial) and explains his Kuhnian revolution.
      ISSUE 3 2010 Identity and Integration
      + interview between interculturalists Milton Bennett and Patrick Boylan. Bennett defends his ideas on the development of multiple repertoires and mutually constitutive identities in `alien' cultures.
      ISSUE 4 2011 Corpus Linguistics and Culture
      + interview between Professor Mike Stubbs and Sebastian Hoffmann where cultural aspects are discussed through the use of Corpus Linguistics.
      Editorial Board
      Michael Agar, Ethknoworks LLC and University of Maryland, College Park, USA
      Milton Bennett, Intercultural Development Research Institute, Portland (OR), USA
      Patrick Boylan, SIETAR, Italy
      Ida Casteglioni, University of Milan (Bicocca), Intercultural Development Research Institute
      Andrew Chesterman, University of Helsinki, Finland
      Delia Chiaro, University of Bologna (SSLMIT), Forlì, Italy
      Nigel Ewington, WorldWork Ltd, Cambridge, England
      Peter Franklin, HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, dialogin-The Delta Intercultural Academy
      Maria Grazia Guido, University of Salento, Italy
      Robert O'Dowd, Universidad de León, Spain
      Raffaela Merlini, University of Macerata, Italy
      Anthony Pym, Intercultural Studies Group, Universidad Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain
      Federica Scarpa, SSLMIT, University of Trieste, Italy
      Helen Spencer-Oatey, University of Warwick, England
      Christopher Taylor, AICLU and University of Trieste, Italy
      Kumiko Torikai, Rikkyo Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Tokyo, Japan
      David Trickey, International Diversity Management, Bologna, Italy
      Margherita Ulrych, University of Milan (Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Italy