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2442Training seminar, Interpreting, Istanbul

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  • Anthony
    May 3 11:00 PM
      Best regards,
      Sieglinde E. Pommer, EST-Secretary-General www.est-translationstudies.org spommer@...

      International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), * Training of Trainers seminar 4, July 10& 11, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

      Dates: 10& 11 July 2010
      Place: Istanbul, Turkey

      Using Moodle and other IT platforms in interpreter training

      Barry Olsen, Monterey

      This seminar will be a repeat of the VLE seminar held in Paris on 12th-14th March.

      There are a number of IT platforms available, and used widely in universities particularly in the US, which allow students and teachers to collaborate via computer as a complement to face-to-face classes.
      Homework tasks, practice material, videos, comments and marks can be published on a single site by selected students and teachers.

      In an age when young people are doing everything from in front of a computer, Barry Olsen will demonstrate how to take interpreter training to those computers.

      These IT platforms can be used by individual trainers from their own computers for their own classes only, or in a coordinated fashion by whole Interpreting Schools.
      As such this training course is aimed at any conference interpreter trainers with an interest in improving their own teaching through the use of IT technology as well as at Directors of Interpreting schools who want to see what the platforms can offer their schools.

      Barry Olsen is a practising interpreter, AIIC member and Professor of Interpreting at the Monterey Institute. He has extensive hands on experience of the way in which these IT platforms can be used to enhance Conference Interpreter training and he will be demonstrating the basics during this 1 ½ day workshop.

      Participants will need to bring their own, wifi enabled computers.

      No prior computing skills are necessary.

      Price: 330 Euro

      Maximum number of places: 12

      Priority will be given to AIIC members

      Registration will close on 10th May 2010

      For any further information please contact training@...