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    Nov 3, 2008
      Yves Gambier a écrit :
      > VIRTUAL FORUM, NOVEMBER 3-14, 2008.
      > Where will future translation scholars be educated? What are TS
      > programmes
      > like? What is their position within their respective higher education
      > institutions and systems? Many issues can be raised when dealing with
      > Doctoral studies in translation. In fact, the future of our discipline
      > depends on the training of qualified teachers and researchers. More
      > people
      > than ever are being trained as translators and interpreters, but more
      > research is also needed to promote translation and interpreting. How
      > can we
      > look at the future if we do not have relevant doctoral programmes?
      > We invite you to participate in the virtual Forum on doctoral
      > programmes in
      > Translation Studies, starting today (Monday 3).
      > Four speakers have been invited to give short position papers. Please
      > go to
      > http://isg.urv.es/publicity/ts_doc/videos.html
      > <http://isg.urv.es/publicity/ts_doc/videos.html> to listen their
      > recordings.
      > We are very grateful for their commitment and would like to thank Susan
      > Bassnett (Warwick, UK), Helle Dam (Aarhus, Denmark), Françoise
      > Massardier-Kenney (Kent State University, USA) and Anthony Pym
      > (Tarragona,
      > Spain).
      > The Forum is an opportunity to share ideas, problems, suggestions, to
      > understand differences and similarities among programmes, their
      > challenges
      > and objectives, and to discuss possible strategies for cooperation.
      > Issues such as conditions and procedures for admission, selection
      > processes, theoretical courses, compulsory and specific seminars,
      > funding,
      > supervision, assessment, language requirements, time-limit for completion
      > of the thesis, joint degrees, publications, and employment prospects are
      > some of the items we can discuss.
      > The Forum is closely linked to the conference hosted by the Centre of
      > TS of
      > the University of Vienna (December 5-6, 2008):
      > www.univie.ac.at/transvienna/TS_Doc . Results from the virtual debate
      > will
      > feed the two days in Vienna.
      > The Forum is open to all, but current, past and prospective students
      > in TS
      > graduate programmes are warmly invited to contribute.
      > Thank you in advance for your active participation!
      > The TS Doc Working Group
      > Yves Gambier (Turku, Finland), Reine Maylaerts (Leuven, Belgium),
      > Christiane Nord (Heidelberg, Germany), Nike Pokorn (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
      > and Ubaldo Stecconi (European Commission, Brussels)
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