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1897Conference, Portsmouth, Nov. 2008

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  • Anthony Pym
    Jun 1, 2008

      Eighth Portsmouth Translation Conference 'The changing face of

      Park Building, University of Portsmouth, UK Saturday 8 November 2008
      (please note correct date)

      Speakers include: Ewa Rossing (European Commission, Directorate-
      General for Translation)
      Emma Wagner (Institute of Translation and Interpreting)
      Jonathan Burton on opera surtitling
      Helen Rappaport on literals for the theatre
      Svenja Wurm on sign language translation

      Translation and interpreting are protean activities which change and
      adapt in response to market demand and technological possibilities.
      It is increasingly clear that language transfer is only one aspect of
      the roles which translators and interpreters fill and that this
      transfer constitutes a set of very complex processes. It is crucial
      for professional and pedagogical reasons that the full range of
      skills used by translators be understood.

      The organisers of the eighth Portsmouth Translation Conference invite
      contributions from translation and interpreting professionals and
      scholars on any topic relating to this year's theme. We particularly
      welcome proposals dealing with changes in the skills and functions
      required of translators and interpreters, and with lesser-recognised
      translation activities. Topics might include, but are by no means
      limited to:

      • The changing translation brief
      • Technical communication and translation
      • New forms of audiovisual translation (audiodescription;
      • Teletranslation, videogame translation
      • Sign language translation
      • Gist translation
      • Translation and multilingualism
      • Translating into a `non-native' language
      • Translation and interpreting in zones of conflict
      • The media profile of translators and interpreters
      • Pedagogy: how can trainers help students to prepare for the
      diversity of roles in the marketplace?
      • Non-professional translation and interpreting activity

      We welcome a broad range of approaches to translation, including
      presentations with an empirical, theoretical, pedagogical,
      technological or professional focus.

      Enquiries and/or abstracts of 300 words should be sent to Ian Kemble
      at ian.kemble@... by 30 June 2008 (please note the extended
      deadline). More information is available at
      www.port.ac.uk/translationconference. A selection of proceedings from
      the conference will be published.

      The conference takes place under the aegis of the National Network
      for Translation, a Routes into Languages initiative.
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