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1691Course in Barcelona, 12 May 2007

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  • Anthony Pym
    May 3, 2007
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      Continuing Professional Development for Translators/Editors

      Corpus-driven translation and editing of specialist texts

      Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
      12 May 2007

      Full details at:

      Translators/editors often feel constrained by their lack of knowledge
      of fields of expertise, such as medicine, engineering, finance, etc.
      Yet there is increasing demand for specialist translators and editors—
      who invariably command higher rates. Although the WWW is a potential
      (and valuable) source of field knowledge, undisciplined/uninformed
      research can lead to register violations, patchy style, real error,
      or simply "translationese".

      An alternative approach is to collect "appropriate" knowledge
      and "mine" it in a way that is both meaningful and efficient for the
      busy translator. This approach is based on creating and analysing a
      corpus (or corpora)—texts selected to represent a specific target
      knowledge domain and analysed using tools that help resolve "doubts"
      and overcome "pitfalls".

      Our workshop will raise awareness of issues of relevance to
      specialist (potential specialist) translators/editors, describe the
      corpus-driven approach, and inform you about free or inexpensive
      tools that will ultimately enhance the quality of your work. You'll
      get hands-on practice with tools in a computer lab, receive several
      specialist corpora to take home, and learn how to create your own.