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1006Postdoc research grant in Tarragona

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  • Anthony Pym
    Mar 2, 2004
      The Intercultural Studies Group in Tarragona, Spain, is looking for a good
      candidate for a three-year research grant in the area of Translation
      Teaching. This is within the "Juan de la Cierva" program financed by the
      Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology.

      The candidate must have completed their PhD within the last three years, or
      be very near to completion. They must know enough Spanish to navigate
      bureaucracy. They do not require Spanish citizenship.

      The total grant received from the Spanish Ministry will be 30,360 euros for
      the three-year project (it is not clear how much of this money reaches the
      researcher's pocket).

      The research to be done in the three-year period must be related to the use
      of e-learning techniques in advanced translator training. It will be
      coordinated with the final year of the research project detailed at

      Further information on the grant project is at:
      (We do not know anything beyond what is on that site.)

      Prospective candidates should contact Anthony Pym at ap@... and
      attach a CV.

      Closing date for candidatures: March 10, 2004.

      Anthony Pym
      Filologia Anglogermànica
      Universitat Rovira i Virgili
      Plaça Imperial Tàrraco, 1
      E-43005 Tarragona, Spain
      Alternative e-mail: