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Hello!http://www.dreamteam-aa.de/tokwziq/ttt/         Sandeep Chowdary Veldi
Sandeep Chowdary Veldi
Feb 11, 2013

Wedding Invitation

Dear All,   Please join wnd wish me on my marriage day on 27th October-2012 at Vizinagaram   Please atend without fail. Urs Kishore Dear All, Please join wnd
kishore kanuri
Oct 16, 2012
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Re: My Wedding Invitation!!!!!!

WISH U A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE MAY GOD BLESS U Urs Kishore ________________________________ From: suneetha akurathi To: Sent: Saturday,
kishore kanuri
Jul 17, 2012

My Wedding Invitation!!!!!!

Hi, Written in heaven with the pen of destiny, On July the 21st , 2012 there is going to be unity, With all the happy and soothing life’s melody, We invite
suneetha akurathi
Jul 14, 2012

Look what i found...

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kishore kanuri
Apr 9, 2012

Re: Fwd: I am my own boss try it out for yourself...

Easy To Follow System To Make Money On Internet Instantly
kishore kanuri
Apr 7, 2012

Re: Hi Friend.

whats up. I always borrowed money knowing I couldnt pay it back theres nothing else that compares with this it seemed like my options were starting to
kishore kanuri
Mar 12, 2012

Re: try it out for yourself.

I hated taking money from my parents I consider myself lucky to have found this I refused to keep living that way!
kishore kanuri
Feb 29, 2012

Re: Just look...

Whats up whats up my credit was slowly starting to crumble this was my last shot at success despite the circumstances I never lost hope...
kishore kanuri
Feb 24, 2012

Re: Look I found interesting opportunity...

Hello! filing for bankruptcy was a real wake up call at first glance I thought this was fake my options were fading fast.
kishore kanuri
Feb 23, 2012

Re: no economic problems since i started it!!

whats up! I could barely afford groceries anymore this helped me turn my luck around it seemed like I was cornered!
kishore kanuri
Feb 16, 2012

Fwd: Im free now...

hi. life has thrown me a lot of curves I was able to regain my independence using this I knew things could only get better.
kishore kanuri
Feb 14, 2012

Re: I DID IT!!

ive learned that things dont aways work out as planned this really intrigued me I refused to continue depending on other people.
Feb 9, 2012


How are you doing, my dear? http://crotonriverfurniture.com/images/cabinet/dnksu.html?jsukinID=63 Fri, 3 Feb 2012 15:17:48 _____________________ "His
rajendra gundimeda
Feb 3, 2012

this has been how to start your new life!!

hola... filing for bankruptcy was a real wake up call at first I thought this was a joke ive come to realize that money never sleeps!
kishore kanuri
Feb 1, 2012
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