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  • Will
    I am on a similar diet (except I dont touch potatoes, rice or other long-chain carbs) since humans cant digest them. also, I eat all raw veggies and take 1-2
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 12, 2002
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      I am on a similar diet (except I dont touch potatoes, rice or other long-chain carbs)
      since humans cant digest them.

      also, I eat all raw veggies and take 1-2 tablespoons of psyllium powder in 16 oz
      of water every morning.

      As far as spices go, cayenne all the way...I must go thru a baggy of it every month,
      its a great natural way to keep inflammation down.

      Aqueated Bentonite and home made yoghurt (fermented for 24-30 hrs) is also great...
      if you are to lazy to make your own yog. and have tonnes of money to
      waste, buy bio-k

      Have been doing this for years and I am rarely bothered by the disease, which was originally
      classified as very severe universal ulcerative colitis.


      --- Ronnie Kovac <kovacronnie@...> wrote:


      <div style='background-color:'><DIV>
      <P>I have ulcerative colitis, not Crohn's- but I think the dietary restrictions are similar. I
      used to be on Rafassal and Asacol, but stopped because I was worried ofthe long term damages, not
      to mention the idea of being 23 and forced to take 6 pills a day bothered me. While I do not
      recommend actually stopping to take medication for everyone, I do think that following a certain
      diet greatly helps in fending off attacks. Firstly, I take Slippery Elm ( Ulmus Fulva) which helps
      to soothe my stomach. I found that it is very helpful- you can find it in any health food store.
      Camomile and Fennel tea are also very soothing.</P>
      <P>As far as my diet is concerned, I do not eat any dairy, animal products, sugar, oil (except
      olive oil), yeast and wheat. The majority of my diet consists of cooked vegatables, such as sweet
      potato, potato, zuccini, and carrots. Personally, I find tomatos, peppers�and onions to be very
      difficult to digest, as well as al spices, and the only raw vegatabls I eat are lettuce and
      cucumbers. As for fruit, I peel everything, stay away fro grapes, and eat mostly red apples,
      bananas, mango and melon. Plain rice is okay, as well as all rice flour, corn flour and potato
      flour based food.Occasionally I eat tofu�and almonds (without the peel).� I defnitly stay away
      from all alcohol and caffieine; coffee, tea, and chocolate, (although personally bitter chocolate
      in small quantities is okay). </P>
      <P>Its a very restricted diet, however as long as I follow this diet, the attacks are less
      frequent. During an attack, I only eat cooked potato and zuccini, as I have found these to be easy
      to digest- and stay away from all raw foods. </P>
      <P>I hope this helps. </P>
      <P>Ronnie</P></DIV></div><br clear=all><hr>MSN 8 with <a
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