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Israeli salad - and more

I have a Nicer Dicer that I got on Ali Express - I find the trick to getting soft stuff through, such as tomatoes, is to combine with thinly sliced carrot or
3:12 AM

Baking Question

What does sour cream do in a baking recipe? Rivka Shore thestoryofababy.blogspot.co.il
Rivka Shore
2:49 AM

Re: Nicer Dicer

My adult son who uses his all the time reports: The good brands are much better than the cheap ones. Some of them last a year; some much longer. The "Nicer
Brandel D. Falk
12:02 PM

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

I had a Nicer Dicer that I got at Hadassah hospital mall and I hated it. My daughter uses an Alligator and loves it. I find it easier to just dice it with a
Sue Epstein
Apr 27

Re: unprocessed wheat bran, milled flax seed

Thanks! I bought it and am now waiting to hear from m-i-l if its what she wanted! Lisi On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 7:30 PM, 'Dinerstein' diners@... ...
Lisi and Heshy
Apr 27

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

Ruth, Several of my bases (bottom boxes) have been what cracked. They come with rubber rings on the feet to grip the counter to prevent sliding around. But you
Marcia Katz
Apr 27

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

The problem isn't the blade getting dull. Different parts of the plastic break off because you have to bang it closed.Once the blade just fell to pieces. Once
Apr 26

Re: unprocessed wheat bran, milled flax seed

if milled means ground- it’s פישתן טחון and you’ll find it a bag in the refridgerator. Ellen From: mailto:israel-food@yahoogroups.com Sent:
Apr 26

unprocessed wheat bran, milled flax seed

Looking for unprocessed wheat bran and milled flax seed. Does anyone know what they are in Hebrew? I found regular wheat bran and flax seed in Nitzat Duvdevan
Lisi and Heshy
Apr 26

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

The top on mine broke, probably from so much whacking , but you can get them pretty cheap in the supermarkets & homeware shops. Ruchama Ruchama Hillel
Ruchama Hillel
Apr 26

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

What part/s always break? Do the blades dull or is it that the box cracks from having the top whacked down on it so much? Any tips for avoiding breakage?
Ruth Baks
Apr 26

Re: anyone spotted the slider storage bags (e.g., Ziploc, hefty)

In the past, I've seen them in CheaperKol in Givat Shaul. I didn't notice them in my pre-Pesach visit, but I wasn't looking out for them. I'm usually only
Nachama Kanner
Apr 26

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

Well--please review it :-)People, have any of you used this device regularly for 6 months or so? Just wondering how long it lasts before the blade dull. I
Cara Bereck
Apr 26

Re: Israeli Salad, Prep Question

I use that too , they do break eventually , so I usually have a spare waiting , Ruchama Ruchama Hillel (Phillipa) Kibbutz Haon ISRAEL 15170 04-6656563
Ruchama Hillel
Apr 26

Re: Digest Number 3610

2 companies I complained to before Pesach and haven't heard back yet are Bodek about broccoli being black and smelling horrible and Oppenheimer's chocolate
Apr 25
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