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Re: eLuna - a word of caution

What restaurant? On May 22, 2015 4:55 PM, "'sue epstein' sue.epstein@... ... What restaurant? On May 22, 2015 4:55 PM, "'sue epstein'
Steph Strauch
May 22

eLuna - a word of caution

A word of caution. eLuna only publishes complimentary comments about the restaurants on their site. If anyone writes a negative comment they do not publish it
sue epstein
May 22

Important Allergen Warning!

Hi all, Please take note of this very important recall!Some packages of Camembert Cheese may contain undisclosed pecans (or traces of pecans).Please let anyone
Ester Silber-Schachter
May 21


hi everyone besides for eluna, can anyone recommend a site that is updated regularly to look for a kosher restaurant? rest and 2eat are not updated. i am
faith אמונה
May 21

Re: pizza cheese

I make homemade pizza regularly and usually use the 22% fat Gilboa cheese that is grated up at the cheese counters of the supermarkets and sold in plastic
Marcia Katz
May 18

pizza cheese

Hi all, What is the best option among Israeli cheeses (ideally the cheapest one without sacrificing flavor) for pizza? Also does anyone happen to have an easy
Diana File
May 18

Re: Found cholov Yisroel Greek yogurt

On 5/15/2015 3:13 PM, alizah hochstead alizahh@... [israel-food] ... Thank you. Have you checked out Gad's "Balkanic Style Sheep Yogurt For Eating"?
geoffrey mendelson
May 17

Found cholov Yisroel Greek yogurt

Today doing my Erev Shabbat grocery shopping found it Strauss under rav Rubin Acts of kindness will bring Moshiach Alizah Hochstead
alizah hochstead
May 15

Re: breakfast in jerusalem

I've heard that breakfast at the Waldorf-Astoria is splendid but very expensive. See review in the Jerusalem Post at
May 15

breakfast in jerusalem

recommendations for sinfully pampering breakfasts (for two) in Jerusalem? TIA - Ed
May 15

Re: Greek Yogurt-Thank You!

I am saying that the commercial Greek yogurt and the non mehadrin reg yogurts are not cholov Yisroel I eat commercial yogurt every morning for breakfast or at
alizah hochstead
May 15

Re: Greek Yogurt-Thank You!

On 5/14/2015 8:19 PM, alizah hochstead alizahh@... [israel-food] ... So you are saying that there is no yogurt produced here in Israel that is chalav
geoffrey mendelson
May 14

Re: Greek Yogurt-Thank You!

It has added milk solids in it and is from a non CHolov Starter so it is not cholov yisroel. Many of our dairy products made here are not cholov yisroel which
alizah hochstead
May 14

Re: Greek Yogurt-Thank You!

On 5/14/2015 5:06 PM, alizah hochstead alizahh@... [israel-food] ... I would think that the Greek Yogurt sold here that is made here is chalav yisrael,
geoffrey mendelson
May 14

Re: Greek Yogurt-Thank You!

Only problem with the Greek is that if you don't eat cholov nochri you have to make your own I have found the closest to what I had in America is the regular
alizah hochstead
May 14
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