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Re: Food Inquiry

Elana, thanks - that's probably what it is.
9:41 PM

Re: Spiralizer?

I liked the idea of spiral veggies. Originally I got the spiralizer brand;returned for a different company that has more gravity friendly operation and
3:38 PM


If you own a "spiralizer", are you happy with it? What brand is it? Would you recommend it? Where did you buy it? Thanks! Chaya Gottesman
Chaya Gottesman
1:20 PM

Healthy eating up north

Looking for info about healthy restaurants or health food stores with kosher hashgacha in the Tzfat or Teveriya areas. Thanks, Rina
12:27 PM

Re: Food Inquiry

Perhaps you are thinking of varenikes, a Russian-Ukrainian food. They're like large kreplach, often fried with onions. Not a flaky dough as in knishes, more of
Channah Koppel
7:53 AM

Re: Food Inquiry

Sorry, nothing similar in the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food. Sue
sue epstein
3:16 AM

Re: Food Inquiry

Do you mean possibly varenikes? They're the Russian equivalent of kreplach. Does that work for you? On Jul 5, 2015 3:43 AM, "Adina holycook@...
Elana Alexander
1:38 AM

Food Inquiry

Does anyone know what 'barenekeh's' are? I probably don't have the right spelling. Where's Gil Marks a"h when I need him? If anyone has his "Encyclopedia of
Jul 4

Re: ISO Jerusalem venues/restaurants for Sheva Brachot

Grill Bar in NachLat Shiva only place I would call cheap. Sent from my iPhone
Fredi Engelberg
Jul 2

Re: ISO Jerusalem venues/restaurants for Sheva Brachot

PIcollino is excellent - you can also take a look at Polly's in Baka, Luigi's in Katamon. And Mazal Tov Oreet Segal Licensed Tour Guide Cell phone:
Jul 2

The Silver Platter

Does anyone know if and where "The Silver Platter" by Norene Giletz is available in Israel? Vivienne
Vivienne Tankus
Jul 2

Re: ISO Jerusalem venues/restaurants for Sheva Brachot

Piccolino is nice, wonderful atmosphere - need to reserve for a group because it's not a really large place. Pricey though. What about Luciana Mamilla? They
Anne Weiss
Jul 2

Re: ISO Jerusalem venues/restaurants for Sheva Brachot

I've been to picollini - very nice. The people I was with are regulars at Beit Anna Ticho and went there and said it was as good. marsha On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at
Marsha Rapp
Jul 2

Re: ISO Jerusalem venues/restaurants for Sheva Brachot

an idea - not a venue - order catering services from a place like holy bagel (i believe they are mehadrin but check with them) and have it in a shul/someone's
Shira Kestenbaum
Jul 2

Israel’s Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants & Hidden Ethnic Culinary Gems

Gil Hovav’s e-book guides tourists to authentic Israeli cuisine at local, inexpensive eateries. The ebook is a free download. In English!
Ruth Baks
Jul 2
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