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  • Joan Weinberg
    Jun 17, 2014
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      Karen, if they could get away with it, they would recommend changing the filter 3x a year. Until I get to a lab, hopefully on Monday, will call my water filter co. www.nyga.co.il for their take on this. They're likely to tell me, "It should be changed after a year." Opinion, not science… If I were to judge its efficacy I could do so based on taste (very pure, no taste) and clarity (totally clear, no cloudiness) then it's still working perfectly after a year. Bacteria? Who the heck knows, ergo the lab. Also keep in mind that I live alone and don't have a family of five.


      Whichever co. you choose, it is well worth it instead of schlepping water.


      If you do go for Tami4, you can ask for a cheaper price. I was driving and stopped a truck with the Tami4 logo in Ramat Gan. The guy said to mention his name – Benny --and I would be given a discount, so do go ahead and use Benny's name. I ended up with Nyga because I was buying a sink and in the same shop I was able to buy the spout and filter without the hassle of making an appointment with Tami4 to deliver and set up. Also, I wanted the spout so that I could just hand it to the guy who was cutting the shaish (countertop) and the plumber to install it while he was there setting up the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. Re: price comparison, sorry, I can no longer remember the price difference.




      Re: Filtration: Can you imagine buying a car that doesn't indicate h

      Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:17 am (PDT) . Posted by:

      "Karen Eisenberg" eemalawyer

      Have you tried the Tami 4? I also want one largely because of the taste issues and I'm tired of schlepping bottles. What did you uncover re the lifespan of the filters? I spoke to the company a while ago but I'm reluctant to believe them - I THINK they recommended changing the filter twice a year.



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