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25882Re: [israel-food] Filtration: Can you imagine buying a car that doesn't indicate how much gas is left?

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  • geoffrey mendelson
    Jun 17, 2014
      On 6/16/2014 7:11 PM, Barukh Nahon ijoquese@... [israel-food] wrote:
      What about the inverted osmosis system, are the companies working with that also reluctant? 

      Do you mean reverse osmosis system? Absolutely a disaster. They should IMHO be outlawed for home use. For every liter of clean water in your bottle, 9 liters of "dirty" water come out the other end. If you redirect it to a washing machine, or a toilet, it is ok, or even a sink for washing (dirty is only relative) it's ok. but 99% of the home installations just dump it down the drain.
      Geoffrey S. Mendelson 4X1GM/N3OWJ
      Jerusalem Israel.
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