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25879Re: [israel-food] Quail eggs

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  • Ruth Baks
    Jun 17, 2014
      Re: [israel-food] Quail eggs
      I used to order quail eggs from Foie Gras in Petach Tikva but they no longer carry them. 

      At times these have been available in Mahane Yehuda.  See:


      A close-up of the package does not reveal the company info, but does show the kashrut stamp of the Rabbanut haMoatzei haEizorit Mateh Yehuda.   This is a lead you can follow up to track the source:


      If you find any restaurant serving quail eggs you can ask management about their supplier.  I once phoned Chef Shalom Kodesh to ask where to buy an unusual specialty item and he kindly gave me the source without hesitation.

      Good luck!
      And let us know what you find.

      Ruth Baks

      At 1:21 AM +0300 6/17/14, Barukh Nahon ijoquese@... [israel-food] wrote:
      Has anybody seen quail eggs around Jerusalem? I'm missing them un my finger food...
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