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25874Re: [israel-food] ISO: Marsala

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  • Yochanan Lambiase
    Jun 16, 2014
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      How would it be for chicken marsala?  I don't drink the stuff so I have no idea.


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      The closest wine to Marsala is port.
      The Adir winery in Israel produces a WOW Adir Blush port. Great for Tiramisu

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      After reading the cooking sherry thread, came to my memory a long looked for wine of mine. I liked to prepare tiramisu, italian desert, and when I lived in Barcelona used italian marsala o spanish malaga wines. But I couln't find either of these here. But maybe someobe has a better eye than me. 

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      this not cooking sherry but kosher sherry does exist in Israel.

      It is bottled by Or Ganuz and called Har Sinai - wine kahor style.


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