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24951Re: [israel-food] Do all slow cookers have nonstick coatings?

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  • Marcia Katz
    Nov 13 12:50 AM
      Hi, Cara.
      Actually, I've owned several over the years and NONE of them had non-stick surfaces.  They are / were ceramic-like removable interiors.
      I think they are all like that actually.  Am I wrong? 

      That being said, when I do use my crock pots, I usually use a cooking bag to line the interior to make clean-up quite easy.  These are bags specially designed for crockpots and NOT roasting bags for use in the oven.  Just be sure that, after you put your food inside, you gather up the top of the bag and put it under the lid so that the plastic does not touch the hot surfaces of the outer part of the crock pot.  If you are not careful about this, the plastic will get burned onto the metal outer part.  This is easy to do, however.  I usually just twist the top of the bag a bit before putting the cover on.

      Marcia from
      Ma'ale Adumim

      On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 9:40 AM, Cara Levy <cara_bereck@...> wrote:

      Can anyone recommend one that does not? Maybe with a ceramic interior, or stainless steel?


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