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24939Re: [israel-food] RE: Oven recommendations?

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  • Daniel Lang
    Nov 12, 2013

      Most ovens have a screw to adjust the thermostat.  Look at the oven's manual.  Also, according to Israel's electrical code, an oven is to be on it's own electrical circuit, a minimum of 16 amp.  Most require 20 amps.  Just switching a circuit breaker to a higher amperage is dangerous and not code!!  Some double ovens require three phase.  For more information. please write me at danlang8607@...

      On 11/12/2013 11:40 AM, sdrimer2003@... wrote:

      Bought a self-cleaning Siemens oven last March/April - just before Pesach..  Have been very pleased with it and even got operating instructions in English - no small feat.    I don't do much broiling but there is a broil setting.

      ---In israel-food@yahoogroups.com, <jeff.finger@...> wrote:

      We would like to buy an oven. Our current electric oven's temperature bounces all over the place rather than staying close to the temperature to which we set it.

      Any recommendations would be most welcome. We bake and broil a good deal.


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