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24710Re: [israel-food] separating skippy

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  • Elana Alexander
    Oct 16, 2013
       It shouldn't happen since all the major commercial brands of PB, including Skippy, all add a very small quantity of solid veg. fat to prevent separation.
      This said, it does happen every now and then that the PB has separated (yes- even Skippy!) or is much runnier than usual without the taste being affected in any way and no sign of rancidity or spoilage. If the date is good and the seal intact we just give it a good stir and carry on.
      My guess is improper storage at the store/warehouse or even just proximity to the use by date.

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 7:01 AM, Sharon Beth-Halachmy <sharonbh@...> wrote:

      I store my PB upside down - the oil rises to the bottom of the jar, making it much easier to stir when you open it!  Store in fridge after opening (keep it upside down for the first few uses)

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 6:48 AM, geoffrey mendelson <geoffreymendelson@...> wrote:

      I opened a jar of skippy peanut butter and found that the oil had
      separated. I've had that happen on natural peanut butter, but never on
      skippy or jif.

      It does not smell bad, the seal was not bulged, it just is odd.

      I called the manufacturer and their customer service person does not
      speak English.

      I sent the US parent company an email via their online contact form, but
      have yet to receive a response.

      A second jar bought from the same store shows the same thing. Once I
      knew to look for it, you can see it without breaking the seal.

      Any ideas? Breakfast time is fast approaching. :-)



      Geoffrey S. Mendelson 4X1GM/N3OWJ
      Jerusalem Israel.

      Sharon Beth-Halachmy
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