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24698FW: SPELT BONANZA SALE at Saidels Bakery

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  • Joan Weinberg
    Oct 16, 2013
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      Thanks to Geoff's recommendation I made my first order with Saidel's last
      week. The chocolate mint cookies were AMAZING (if you're American and like
      the Girl Scout mint chocolate cookies then this is 110% for you) although I
      have to admit that the rye was a bit lacking for me personally. Then again,
      I grew up in a neighborhood in the Bronx chockablock with Eastern European
      bakeries + my grandfather, originally from the shtetl, was one of them, so I
      know from real rye bread.

      I placed this week's order -- bagels (boiled and baked as they should be)
      and quiche and of course, more cookies. I thought someone might be
      interested in the spelt sale below.


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      Subject: SPELT BONANZA SALE at Saidels Bakery

      SPELT SPECIAL at Saidels Bakery (Kasher LeMehadrin) this week.

      SPECIAL! Spelt Bonanza Sale - 10% off all our spelt breads this week:

      * 100% Spelt Bread only 19NIS (20 sliced)instead of 21.50NIS (22.50 NIS)

      * Rambam Spelt Bread only 23NIS (24 sliced)instead of 25.50 NIS (26.50 NIS)

      * Spelt Walnut only 23NIS (24 sliced) instead of 25.50NIS (26.50NIS)

      * Spelt Dried Tomatoes only 23NIS (24 sliced) instead of 25.50NIS (26.50

      * Spelt Multigrain only 23NIS (24 sliced) instead of 25.50NIS (26.50 NIS)

      * Spelt Challah only 20.50 NIS instead of 22.50 NIS

      * Spelt Challah rolls only 5.80 NIS instead of 6.50 NIS

      Spelt is a different grain to wheat, is lower in gluten and much easier on
      the digestive system. Our delicious spelt breads and challahs are made with
      100% organic spelt flour that we grind ourselves to ensure maximum freshness
      and health benefits.

      Saidels Bakery also makes a wide range of other health breads, challahs,
      bagels, BIALYS, pies, cookies, quiches and organic flours for all you home
      bakers out there.

      For more information about our unique bakery and process and to order,
      please visit our website www.saidels.com or call 09-7941222. Our website
      contains photos, prices and nutritional info about all our products.

      Saidels Bakery delivers every Friday to Raanana, Netanya, Tel Mond, Modiin,
      Bet Shemesh, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem, Maaleh Adumim and Efrat. We have
      pick-up points in every place and we offer home deliveries.

      Shabbat Shalom
      Les and Sheryl Saidel
      Saidels Bakery - "Baked with Love"
      Tel: 09-7941222
      Email: shezles@...