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Re: Organic veg seller Jerusalem

You can contact them and find out where they're selling their wonderful produce. They used to deliver to homes weekly - not sure if they're still doing that.
Shoshana Drimer
Jul 31

Re: Digest Number 3664

Does anyone have a phone number/address for Paul Bergida?Shabbat Shalom  If I am not for myself, WHO WILL BE? If I am only for myself, WHAT AM I?If not now,
Jul 31
Jul 30

Re: Magimix food processor repair

sounds like you went to Paul Bergida. Devorah To: israel-food@yahoogroups.com From: israel-food@yahoogroups.com Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 09:51:12 +0300
devorah schecter
Jul 30

Re: TA restaurant

Goshen at 37 Nachalat Binyamin in Tel-Aviv is a good kosher meat restaurant. Enjoy! Helen
Jul 30

Re: Magimix food processor repair

My Magimix included a list of all the repair places in Israel. My Magimix didn't work and I took it to one place in Yafo near Davidka, and when they checkef it
Barukh Nahon
Jul 30

Re: Magimix food processor repair

If you are in Beitar Great place to go. Call me for the information. Or email me directly. Acts of Kindness will bring Moshiach Menashe and Alizah Hochstead
alizah hochstead
Jul 29

TA restaurant

Can anyone recommend a really nice kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv? It can be either milk or meat.
Annice Grinberg
Jul 29

Re: Magimix food processor repair

You could try Paul Bergida. I think he is on Rehov David Yellin. He is very good. I assume he still does repairs. Does anyone know? I have used him a
devorah schecter
Jul 29

Re: Magimix food processor repair

Sherut Kol - speak to DUDU 625-2451 ext. 1 Rechov Ha'Geedem / #1 Trumpeldor (near corner of Betzalel) Look for the large sign that says KENWOOD. They sell and
Ruth Baks
Jul 29

Magimix food processor repair

BS"D Looking for recommendations for magimix repair in Jerusalem. Thank you Kim
Jul 29

Re: Farro

I asked where one could get farro a while ago on this website but got no responses. I understand from American food websites that it is the same as spelt
Jul 28

Re: Farro

Farro (AKA farrow) refers to Emmer wheat - often confused with spelt. Emmer wheat was cultivated here since bible times. Ruth Baks Jerusalem From: "Stacy
Ruth Baks
Jul 28

Re: Farro

Please share the response with all! thanks! On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 11:59 AM, Ruth Gross rlsg0411@...
Stacy Fassberg
Jul 28


Hi, My DIL is allergic to wheat. Can she eat this? What is it called in Hebrew? I assume that I can find it in health food / organic shops. Thanx,Sina
Ruth Gross
Jul 28
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