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fresh olives in the shuk

Has anyone seen the guy that sells fresh olives in Mahaneh Yehudah? I bought couple of kilos last year as an experiment--they came out great. Intend to make a
Cara Bereck
Oct 8

[New post]: Wondering what to do with fish heads on Rosh Hashanah? H

​ Here's how to use those Rosh Hashnah fish heads to make your nutritional gold mine. Fish soup, made from stock filled with minerals and other nutrients
    Nourishing Israel
    Sep 23
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    Re: Is "Old Bay Seasoning" available in Israel?

    I think I saw it in one of the Supersol's that cater to Americans. Would love for you to post the recipe. Shana tova, Sue
    Suellen Epstein
    Sep 19

    Re: Is "Old Bay Seasoning" available in Israel?

    I always used to make my own, even have my recipe up on food.com. I have never seen it here in Israel, not even in Meatland. Mirj, in Meatland Land, aka
    Mirjam Weiss
    Sep 19

    Is "Old Bay Seasoning" available in Israel?

    I have a recipe that tells how to make your won, but I am wondering if anyone has seen it around. Thanks. Chaya
    Chaya Gottesman
    Sep 18

    Re: Spices

    Thank you all. Shana Tova
    Ruth Gross
    Sep 14

    Re: Food Processor recommendations

    I am very happy with my Bosch. I had Siemens before that for over 20 years. They say that Bosch, Siemens and Constructa are all the same. Even some of the
    Sep 13

    Re: Arrowroot

    I bought it years ago from the Anise in Ra'anana. On Sep 12, 2017 18:10, "Valerie valerie_justman@... [israel-food]"
    Mirjam Weiss
    Sep 13

    Re: Arrowroot

    I looked recently and didn't find it, so I bought online from iHerb. It was delivered within a week.
    Jeanne Yael Klempner
    Sep 12

    Re: challot question

     Does anyone have a good tried and tested recipe for oatmeal challot. I would like it to be only oatmeal(gluten free).Thank you and Shana Tova If I am not for
    Sep 12

    Re: Arrowroot

    I don't think it is sold here; I have ordered it from iHerb. If I'm mistaken, and someone has found it here, please correct me! On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 5:48
    Caren Greenberg
    Sep 12


    Has anyone seen arrowroot powder for sale in Israel? What is 'arrowroot' in Hebrew? Valerie
    Sep 12

    Re: Question re challot [1 Attachment]

    This might happen becasue of over-proofing (aka over-rising) or if the dough is too warm - both of which cause the gluten (that which is responsible for the
    Ilana Goldstein Saks
    Sep 10

    Re: Spices

    Freezing the spices certainly will help preserve potency, (although in my case my spice collection far exceeds my freezer space! Lol)  I do, however, freeze a
    Ruth Baks
    Sep 10

    Re: Question re challot [1 Attachment]

    Thanks, Ruth! They are 80% whole wheat..and I already use 3 tbs gluten per kilo...is this the wrong amount? Will try the half rise method you suggested. Thank
    Michael Lourie
    Sep 10
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