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Bush regime bases in Afghanistan may trigger World War III

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    US move to jeopardize peace By Imtiaz Ali Takar The Dawn 01 December 2001 Saturday 15 Ramazan 1422 http://www.dawn.com/2001/12/01/nat28.htm PESHAWAR, Nov
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      'US move to jeopardize peace'
      By Imtiaz Ali Takar
      The Dawn
      01 December 2001 Saturday 15 Ramazan 1422

      PESHAWAR, Nov 30: The US intentions of establishing military bases in
      Afghanistan would jeopardize regional peace and security, warned Dr
      Sherzaman Taizai, a renowned expert on Afghanistan and Central Asia,
      here on Friday.

      Delivering a lecture on "Osama bin Laden, terrorism and USA" at Area
      Study Centre, Peshawar University, he said that regional powers like
      Russia, China and India sided with the United States just to
      eliminate the Taliban government in Afghanistan. However, beyond this
      move, he said, these countries would not tolerate any US move in the
      region and would strongly oppose its military presence, he observed.

      He said that such US adventure in the region could trigger off the
      third world war and added that the American military bases in
      Afghanistan would be the main reason.

      When asked about the likely rival of the US in the third world war,
      Dr Sherzaman said it was likely that Russia, China and India joined
      hands to thwart American imperialist designs in the region.

      Talking about Osama bin Laden, he said that it was a crystal-clear
      fact that Osama was promoted by the American CIA and Pakistani ISI
      but when their objectives were achieved they turned against him.

      He condemned the US attacks on Afghanistan without any evidence
      against Osama bin Laden.

      The Afghan expert also strongly criticized the ousted Taliban regime
      for harbouring Osama bin Laden.

      Dr Taizai dwelt at length about the phenomenon of terrorism and said
      in the recorded history it was first mentioned in early 18th century
      during the time of French revolution. Similarly, he added there were
      also evidences of terrorism during the American civil war against the
      black slaves. He also criticized the double standard of the US and
      western countries towards it.

      The scholar was of the opinion that the term terrorism had different
      meanings for different people. He described it a struggle by non-
      governmental group for some political end and formatting revolution.
      However, he said there were no two opinions about the origins of
      terrorism which, he added, included atrocities, deprivation, poverty
      and ignorance.

      Criticizing the US for its hostile attitude towards the Muslim world,
      Dr Taizai questioned why it had kept a mum over the killings of
      Muslims at the hand of non-Muslims at different parts of the world.

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