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    Iraqis Boycott Election Fraud By 20 Iraqi Exiles Al-Jazeerah, February 1, 2005 http://www.aljazeerah.info/1o/Iraqis%20Boycott%20Election%20Fraud%
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      Iraqis Boycott Election Fraud
      By 20 Iraqi Exiles
      Al-Jazeerah, February 1, 2005

      Iraq is being denied free and fair elections, after enduring decades
      of Saddam's dictatorship. The US and British occupation governments
      have engineered a process for reproducing the US-appointed Iraqi
      Interim Government, to prolong the occupation and incite sectarian
      and ethnic conflicts.

      Millions of Iraqis, under siege in many parts of their homeland,
      will be disenfranchised, while hundreds of thousands of second
      generation Americans and Israelis could vote.

      While boycotting this undemocratic exercise, we strongly condemn all
      forms of violence against Iraqis participating in it. We, as exiles,
      are confident that the vast majority of Iraqis, at home and abroad,
      shall unite to end the US-led occupation and establish democracy,
      whatever their stance on participation.

      We echo opinions within Iraq stressing the impossibility of holding
      free and fair elections while under occupation, and being subjected
      to war crimes by the US-led forces. However, we support demands for
      minimal pre-conditions:

      (1) Setting a strict timetable for speedy withdrawal of all
      occupation forces,

      (2) Ceasing all attacks, and confining all occupation forces to
      barracks until full withdrawal,

      (3) Ending martial law and releasing all political prisoners,

      (4) Establishing an independent election commission, led by Iraq's
      senior serving and retired judges, and including all Iraq's
      political forces. The commission can be assisted by anti-occupation
      figures, e.g. Nelson Mandela, and the UN General Assembly."


      1. Sami Ramadani: Senior lecture, London Metropolitan University

      2. Haifa Zangana: Novelist, UK

      3. Professor Kamal Majid, UK

      4. Tahrir Numan: Journalist, UK

      5. Dr. Imad Khadduri: Nuclear scientist, Toronto, Canada

      6. Mundher Adhami: Researcher, Kings College, London University

      7. Dr. Nadje Al-Ali: Exeter university, UK

      8. Dr. Mousa Al-Hussaini: Writer and journalist, UK

      9. Dr. Usama Al-Shabibi: Pharmacist-Pharmacologist, UK

      10. Dr. Ali Assam: Computer expert: UK

      11. Yasar Mohammed Salman Hasan: computer expert, UK

      12. Dr. Mahboub Al-Chalabi, Petroleum expert, UK

      13. Dr Subhi Toma: Social studies researcher, Paris

      14. Jafar Al-Samarrai: Computer expert

      15. Dr. Ali Al-Shahwani: Engineer

      16. Zaid Numan, Chartered building Surveyor, UK

      17. Hani Lazim, Computer expert: UK

      18. Mohammed Aref: Science writer, UK

      19. Fenik Adham: Councellor: UK

      20. Mahmoud Al-Bayaty: Novelist, Sweden

      For further information contact:


      Sami Ramadani,

      Department of Applied Social Sciences,

      London Metropolitan University, City Campus,

      Calcutta House,

      Old Castle Street,

      London, E1 7NT

      Tel: 020 7320 1280

      Fax: 020 7320 1034

      Email: Sami.Ramadani@...
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