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    911 WAS STAGED TO DEFAME MUSLIMS By John Kaminski skylax@comcast.net Special to the Yemen Times 9-1-4 In addition to the millions of Americans who are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      By John Kaminski
      Special to the Yemen Times

      In addition to the millions of Americans who are protesting their
      nation's unjust and immoral torture of the shellshocked country of
      Iraq, there are also a substantial number of people in the U.S. who
      see through the lies of Zionist controlled U.S. mainstream media and
      believe the story told to them by their government about the tragedy
      of September 11, 2001 is merely another self-serving, nightmare
      fairytale meant to rally political support by the ignorant and
      uncaring for the continuing American/British/Israeli assault on the
      Islamic world.

      Indeed, this small but vociferous minority of 9/11 skeptics believes
      that was the primary purpose of that awful day - to vilify Muslims in
      the collective mind of the American public and enable the Western war
      machine to increase its level of aggression against the Persian Gulf
      states without any political opposition at home. Half the plan seems
      to have worked. Few Americans initially questioned the official
      version of 9/11 and rallied round the flag, but now, as clumsy
      excuses for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have been exposed
      throughout the world as blatant lies, even some of the most closed-
      minded Americans are beginning to question their g overnment's
      dishonest behavior, even in regard to 9/11.

      The deaths of many American troops, the sex crimes by American
      soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, and the scandals involving
      misappropriated funds by giant American corporations have emerged
      into mainstream discussion throughout America, causing not only shame
      but a reconsideration of the public lies used to start these wars in
      the first place.

      Yet, exposure of these embarrassing revelations seems to have had no
      tempering impact on the behavior of the U.S. military. It is a sad
      barometer of mainstream thought in America that President Bush's
      chief opponent in the upcoming election (November 2004) talks in even
      more warlike terms than his war-mongering opponent, so that the rest
      of the world can expect no change in America's charge toward violent
      imperialism no matter who wins the election.

      Still, a vocal minority in America continues its efforts to expose
      the deceptions that comprise perhaps the greatest threat to political
      stability the world has ever known, as the Zionist-controlled neocon
      cabal in Washington continues its efforts to usurp all the Persian
      Gulf oilfields by planning a series of wars throughout the Middle
      East aimed at accomplishing this objective.

      In both the cases of the 9/11 tragedy and the Iraq war, the great
      unspoken influence continues to be Israel.

      The principal figure in the 9/11 mystery continues to be Larry
      Silverstein, who leased the World Trade Center towers months before
      their demise and collected a $3.5 billion insurance payout shortly
      after their destruction. Silverstein was caught on video ordering the
      destruction of one of the undamaged WTC towers after the initial
      damage had been done, leading to speculation that the two main towers
      were wired for destruction prior to the event. Silverstein, an
      influential official of several powerful American Jewish groups, is
      known to be a telephone friend of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel

      Among the various groups in the American 9/11 skeptics movement, one
      dividing line appears to be the validity of the hijacker thesis.
      Since the FBI published a list of the names of the alleged 19
      hijackers mere hours after the disaster, eight of those names have
      belonged to people reportedly alive and well and living in various
      countries. Yet the FBI has never made an attempt to change its list,
      nor has it attempted to question those with names used by hijackers
      who are still able to talk. In addition, there is no legitimate
      security camera videotape showing the hijackers ever got on the
      fateful planes, nor any record of their purchasing tickets. And their
      names were not included on the passenger lists recording the names of
      the dead.

      Adding to the Israeli angle of this discussion is the distressing
      fact of the Israeli "art students" who were shadowing the alleged
      hijackers during the months prior to 9/11 were all sent home without
      investigation when they were "discovered."

      And, after much discussion about why America chose to invade Iraq at
      the moment it did, the oil issue and Saddam's switch to the euro have
      moved to the background, while Israeli influence at the White House
      in Washington has come to the fore as the reason for the sudden
      bombing of Baghdad, especially since America's stated reasons -
      Saddam's connection to al-Qaida and 9/11, and his concealment of
      alleged weapons of mass destruction - have long since been proven
      groundless fabrications.

      The real reason for all the fomented misery in the Middle East
      appears to be nothing more complex than the expansion of Israel's

      Bush's White House staff is dominated by Israeli operatives: Perle,
      Wolfowitz, Libby, Bolten, Zakheim, Feith. In addition, warmongering
      advisers Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice are inextricably linked to both
      the oil industry and the Zionist agenda, as is much of the leadership
      of the opposition party, the Democrats, which is why Americans saw a
      recent vote in their House of Representatives supporting Sharon's
      policy of wall-building and mass extermination of Palestinians in the
      Occupied Territories by a count of 407-9.

      And yet, with all this evidence (and much more), those trying to
      expose the 9/11 charade don't primarily focus on Israel. Instead they
      devolve into convoluted theories about the peak oil scare,
      questionable film analysis, and some even insist that no planes were
      used at all in the attacks.

      The solidest piece of evidence about 9/11 lies that seems to be
      emerging is photographic footage of the disaster at the Pentagon,
      which shows, from a multiplicity of angles and sequences, not a trace
      of the wreckage of a jetliner. A new video, "911 In Plane Site,"
      convincingly exploits this contention with numerous shots of flames
      inside the Pentagon behind a relatively unblemished
      wall (where the plane was supposed to have hit) with all its windows
      still unbroken.

      Another recent revelation has involved the so-called cellphone calls
      from distressed passengers on the hijacked planes. It seems that
      cellphone calls cannot be successfully completed above 8,000 feet,
      and most of the purported calls were supposedly made above that

      Probably the most compelling evidence for a 9/11 coverup, however,
      has always been the duplicitous statements made by top American
      officials immediately after the attacks. Cheney, Rice, and military
      chief Richard Myers all said that same day that they had no idea
      attacks like this could ever happen, but then the FBI blew their
      cover by releasing the names of hijackers they said they had been
      tracking for six months. Since that time, President Bush has worked
      diligently to prevent a legitimate investigation of that day's
      events, culminating recently in the official publication of the 9/11
      Commission Report, which never attempted to fix blame on any

      Can you imagine? The greatest crime in American history, and it was
      never properly investigated. Even more amazing: most Americans don't
      seem have noticed this stupendous affront to honest behavior!

      But that's the way it is in America, and probably always has been.
      Their government storms around the world shooting up innocent
      civilian populations and stealing the resources of underdeveloped
      nations, while a majority of Americans believe their brave soldiers
      are fighting evil terrorists and bringing justice to the unfortunate
      backwaters of civilization. It's basically the same situation in
      Palestine, about which most Americans are brainwashed by Zionist
      media into believing the brave Israelis are struggling for freedom
      against the evil bandit Palestinians, when in fact it is a population
      of unarmed Palestinians who are being exterminated by Israeli Jews
      who believe that anybody who is not a Jew is less-than-human vermin,
      and therefore it is OK to kill them with impunity.

      Indeed, it is the world turned upside down for purposes of plunder
      and profit.

      In understanding a little more about who the true perpetrators of all
      this evil violence actually are, two recent articles circulating on
      the Internet have been particularly instructive. The first in a ten-
      year old fragment of a book by religious historian David Livingstone
      that gets into the Jewish heritage in the Wahabbi movement within
      Islam, casting a serious question about motivation of Saudi royalty
      and its possible connection to Zionist interests, and the second is a
      series of pieces (all available on rense.com, as is the Livingstone
      essay) by the Canadian writer Henry Makow about who are the true
      powers in the world. Makow, a Jew who became a Christian, insists
      that it is the London banking cabal that controls everything, and
      makes the interesting point that the Zionist menace in Israel that
      has captured the political will of the United States is as much a
      danger to God-fearing Jews as it is to all the other honest, well-
      meaning people in the world.

      What is definitely becoming clearer now, three years after the
      initial shock of 9/11 jolted America into all-out war mode, is that
      the information emanating from the big media companies all over the
      world is clearly and tragically twisted by an evil Zionist corruption
      that blames innocent people for crimes that these media whores
      themselves are complicit in. And because of this power, millions of
      people are being unjustly murdered, while soulless American
      corporations reap unprecendented profits. And all the while a
      majority of Americans wave their flags and praise the sacrifice of
      their young soldiers who squander their lives in a needless war based
      on lies.

      What is encouraging is that more people around the world are
      realizing this every day. However, whether that will be enough to
      stop these soulless, money-hungry murderers from destroying the
      entire planet remains very much in doubt.

      John Kaminski is an Internet columnist based in Florida whose essays
      are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been
      collected into two anthologies, "America's Autopsy Report" and the
      soon-to-be-published "The Perfect Enemy." For more information go to
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