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FAHREN-HYPE 9/11 misses an enormous opportunity to reveal the true scale of the

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    FAHREN-HYPE 9/11 misses an enormous opportunity to reveal the true scale of the conspiracy behind 9/11
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
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      FAHREN-HYPE 9/11 misses an enormous opportunity to reveal the true
      scale of the conspiracy behind 9/11

      FAHREN-HYPE 9/11


      By David Icke

      I've just watched the Michael Moore documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, on
      its first day of public screening in the United States.

      First of all it is great to see that information kept from the
      people, basic as it is in this documentary, is being made available
      to counter some of the massive bias in the mainstream media. To
      Americans who know nothing about the political and media manipulation
      it will be a revelation, but those who have done a modicum of
      research will find little here to increase their awareness.

      The documentary misses an enormous opportunity to reveal the true
      scale of the conspiracy behind 9/11 and current events. It reveals
      that Bush is a lazy, incompetent fool; that the bombing of Iraq
      caused horrific civilian casualties; that US troops are being killed
      and maimed to defend an invasion justified by a Big Lie; that the
      parents of those civilians and troops suffer unspeakable emotional
      trauma from losing their loved ones; that Bush was scammed into power
      at the last election; that the Bush family has serious connections to
      the Bin Laden family and the Saudi royals; and that the corporate
      cartels make fortunes both from supplying the weapons to destroy
      cities and infrastructure and then by 're-building' the devastated
      countries and seizing control of their resources, like oil.

      All this information needed to be included, of course, but it is
      widely available either by scanning a vast stream of Internet sites
      or often even through some parts of the mainstream media. In the case
      of Bush being a lazy, incompetent fool, you only need your eyes and a
      few brain cells.

      I have seen BBC documentaries about the government/media slanting of
      the invasion of Iraq and the way the U.S. authorities are targeting
      the poor and jobless to join the military that tell the same story
      that Moore does.

      Yes, it is good that Americans are getting a chance to see such
      material, but to justify the colossal hype this documentary has
      received it surely should have gone much further and produced
      background that would never be found in any mainstream media source.
      After all, it cannot be claimed that such information is not
      available to Michael Moore.

      Most disappointing was the way he accepts and perpetutates the
      official 9/11 story that it was orchestrated by Osama bin Laden via
      19 Arab terrorists, mostly Saudis, who learned to fly jumbo jets at
      one engine, two-seater, flying schools. This is blatantly ludicrous
      and the information to expose such nonsense can, once again, be found
      at a long list of 9/11 websites and books.

      In fact, I sent a copy of Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade
      Center Disaster to Michael Moore some 18 months or so ago when he was
      speaking in London. Some of the most basic information in the book
      and on the Internet is included in the film, but the most important
      background to 9/11 is not even mentioned.

      As with Bowling for Columbine, Moore picks an easy and obvious target
      while often massively missing the point. Getting rid of Bush is not
      going to change anything except the rhetoric and the presentation.
      The agenda will continue whichever of them should win. Where was the
      fact that both Bush and Kerry are initiates of the same elite and
      Skull and Bones Society, for example, which both refuse to talk

      Any suggestion that Iraq was about more than just oil and money or
      that there is a conspiracy behind world events is not even mentioned,
      except for one contributor who tells us that there is no conspiracy
      to control the world. It is all just about money, he said.

      Where was the story of the Project for the New American Century and
      its document that sets out the very agenda for global conquest
      involving Iraq, Iran, North Korea and China, etc., which the Bush
      administration has been slavishly following since it came to power
      under the control of the very people behind the PNAC? Where was the
      fact that the document said a year before 9/11 that its agenda would
      be slow to unfold 'absent some catastrophic and catalysing event like
      a new Pearl Harbor' and that after the 'new Pearl Harbor' of 9/11
      those horrific attacks have been used to rapidly advance the PNAC

      These were among many such glaring omissions.

      I am delighted the movie is out there, disappointing as I found the
      depth of research, but the danger is that people will think they now
      know the information that has been kept from them and therefore fail
      to realise that Moore has about 2% of the real background to global
      events and control. Or that they will focus themselves on targeting
      and removing Bush when he is just a puppet and Kerry would be another.

      Outside the theatre where I watched the documentary there were
      activists seeking to use it to attract support for anti-Bush
      campaigns and to register to vote when the system is so rigged that
      voting is a quaint irrelevance.

      Michael Moore could have used his high public profile and film-making
      resources to show people the far more fundamental background to
      global control, the emerging global fascist state, and the real road
      to freedom.

      Instead, unless people realise this is only part - and a small part -
      of the story behind global events this movie will lead them into
      another cul-de-sac.

      Fahrenheit 9/11 could have been a fantastic contribution to human
      understanding of the forces that manipulate the global population.
      Instead, I thought it was far too timid, limited and one-dimensional.

      It is worth seeing if you know nothing of the world beyond the
      official story, but what an opportunity lost.
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