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Fwd: Greetings from Kitchener + Eid Mubarak.

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  • M Syed
    Assalam alaikum, I have received samples of Holy Quran, CD and books for children and was very impressed with the high quality. Without any mark-ups it is at
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2002
      Assalam alaikum,

      I have received samples of Holy Quran, CD and books
      for children and was very impressed with the high

      Without any mark-ups it is at low cost helpful in
      promoting Islam and Quran. Individuals and firms who
      sell Holy Quran and other Islamic literature at
      exorbetant prices will be upset.

      Please contact Br. Asif directly for any further

      M. Syed.
      -- Institute of the Language of the Qur'an Al-Furqan
      <lugatulquran@...> wrote:
      Subject: Greetings from Kitchener + Eid Mubarak.
      Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 18:40:32 +0000

      Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

      Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

      I was asked by brother Dr. Saniyasnain Khan, the owner
      of one of the largest Muslim Publishing Houses in
      India " GOODWORD BOOKS PVT. LTD. New Delhi, to write a
      letter to one of his close friend and relative,
      brother Shakil A Khan, who currently resides in Dubai,
      to explain him the working and goals of our newly
      established institution:

      " The Institute of the Language of the Qur'an "
      ( a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian
      Institute. )

      Here is what Allah s.w.t. inspired me to write to him,
      to explain the aims and objectives for the
      establishment of this institution. Hope this letter
      will enlighten you and inspire you to join us & become
      team member of this institution; spend little time,
      effort and money (if you so desire - no compulsion at
      all ) Fi Sabilillah to serve the Deen of Allah s.w.t.
      and bring Muslims closer to Qur'an and Islam.

      JazaakumuAllahu Khairan Wabaarakallahu Fikum for
      reading this letter.

      Eid Mubarak to you all and to your family members. May
      Allah s.w.t. in his infinite Mercy forgive the errors
      of all Muslims, alleviate the problems & sufferings of
      Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Chechnya,
      Iraq and else where in the world where our brothers
      and sisters are undergoing hardships, humiliations,
      untold miseries, sufferings and oppressions. May Allah
      s.w.t. once again bless the Ummah with the honor and
      glory, which the companions of our beloved prophet
      (pbuh) passed on to us but somehow we have lost it.

      Yours brother in Islam,

      Brother Asif
      A humble servant of the Qur'an and its Language.


      Dear brother Shakil A. Khan,

      Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

      Hope this email will find you and your family members
      in the best of health and Eeman.

      Brother Saniyasnain has asked me to write to you about
      the working of our institution:
      "The Institute of the Language of the Qur'an"
      ( a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian
      institute. )

      I am a retired person. I wanted to do Da'wa work &
      teach Arabic - just enough Arabic to understand the
      Qur'an in its original Matan and enjoy its recitation
      and savor the eloquence & the magic of Allah s.w.t's

      For Da'wa work, I wanted to buy books so that I could
      distribute them free of charge but I found the prices
      of the books exorbitant in the book stores. Every time
      I went to a Islamic Book Store to see and buy some
      books, I came out with a sad heart as I could not
      afford to buy the books. The prices were too steep. I
      felt that majority of our brothers and sisters did not
      enter these book stores to buy Islamic Books because
      they just could not afford them because of the high

      Then Allah s.w.t. inspired me with this thought. Why
      not we import some selected books for teaching Arabic
      and learning more about Islam and sell them at our
      cost price - without any profit of any kind. If we
      could sell these books at our landed cost, inshaAllah
      every Muslim brother and sister will be able to afford

      I am a retired person. Allah s.w.t. has given me my
      Dhal Roti Al-Hamdulillah. I don't need any profits
      to live a life of luxury. I can devote all my time and
      energy Fi Sabilillah.

      So with the help of my younger brother Salim and my
      friend, brother Nazim, and brother Saleem Siddiqi, a
      registed accountant, we established this institution
      which is now properly registered with the Government.
      Our institution has two objectives.

      # 1. To start an evening/weekend school to teach
      Arabic in a very professional way inshaAllah - to
      teach enough Arabic to understand greater part of the
      Qur'an in its original Matan. But this project is on
      hold temporarily because I was supposed to be the
      teacher and now I cannot do so for the time being.
      Presently I am very busy and occupied with helping my
      ailing mother and looking after her & assisting her in
      her day to day needs. Therefore I cannot take another
      full time commitment.

      Objective # 2. To import selected books and sell
      them at our cost price. Our profit (i.e. our reward)
      is with Allah s.w.t. We seek nothing but His Rida -
      His Pleasure. We wish to serve Islam, spread the Ilm
      and try to bring Muslims closer to Qur'an and Islam.

      Initially we imported small quantities of books from
      Islamic Foundation Trust in Madras, India. The books
      were very well received and appreciated -
      Al-Hamdullilah - because the prices were so
      unbelievable low! Now with the Grace of Allah s.w.t.
      we import books from Damascus, Beirut, Madras and New

      When we disclosed our scheme & mission to others, many
      people came forward with donations and others joined
      us as volunteers to distribute the books in their
      families & friend circles and in their neighborhood
      Masjids where they go for prayers. I personally go to
      different Masjids on Fridays and after salaatul Jum'a
      display the books and sell them. People are so
      enthusiastic, so happy to buy them because they know
      that they are getting the best of the books at the
      fantastically low prices. Al-Hamdulillah they
      realize that they are getting the best bargain and the
      best value for their money.

      I firmly believe that Allah s.w.t. has led us in the
      right direction. InshaAllah our mission will greatly
      benefit the Muslim Community. We are hoping to
      establish a network of volunteers in every city
      inshaAllah and through this team work & effort, we
      will be able to bring the best of books ( but a small
      selection ) to the door steps of our brothers and
      sisters every where in Canada & USA. We still have a
      long way to go. North America is huge continent with
      6 Million Muslims. But we have faith in Allah s.w.t.;
      He will open more doors for us and inshaAllah more
      people will join our mission as volunteers and
      distribute our books. Please pray for us. We need
      your prayers.

      All our suppliers of books are very helpful to us and
      extend their fullest co-operation, specially brother
      Saniyasnain. He is most helpful. Al-Hamdulillah he
      came to Toronto and met my brother Salim & brother
      Nazim and also visited the warehouse of brother Nazim,
      where we store our books. He has a strong faith in our

      I hope this letter of mine will give you some insight
      & idea of our aims & objectives and working of our

      Allah Hafiz,

      yours brother in Islam
      Brother Asif Ali
      A humble servant of the Qur'an and its Language.

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