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India/Pakistan Conflict Exposed As Set Up to Trigger War

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  • naml2000
    Concentration on border a conspiracy, Musharraf , Vajpayee don t want war, Mujahideen, masses to stand shoulder to shoulder with army if India attacks- says
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
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      Concentration on border a conspiracy,
      Musharraf , Vajpayee don't want war,
      Mujahideen, masses to stand shoulder to shoulder with army if India
      attacks- says Hafiz Saeed


      Dec 30, 2001.

      Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, chief of the Jamaat Al Dawa , has said
      that the concentration of the Indian army on the Pakistan border is
      a US- India conspiracy but both Pervez Musharraf and Vajpayee did not
      want war for the fear of being toppled .In a policy statement he
      however declared that in case of Indian attack, every worker of his
      Jamaat Al Dawa would stand shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistan
      army for the national defense.

      Prof. Muhammad Saeed said that India has achieved big success by
      securing ban two major Jehadic organization under US pressure. New
      Delhi,s intreagues were still continuing. He however said there should
      not be replay of the 1971 events when the Pakistani rulers kept
      waiting for the American fleet even after Indian blatant aggression in
      East Pakistan.

      Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that preaching of Islam and
      Jehad are two primary duties of a Muslim. Every Muslim is basically a
      Preacher and a Mujahid, so also is every worker of the Jamaat al Dawa.
      In the prevailing situation, Jehad has become obligatory for every
      Pakistani youth.

      He said unfortunately, some so- called intellectuals are
      creating confusing in the minds of the youth through their analysis..

      He said the Muslim world is gifted with all types of
      resources of men and material but unfortunately, their rulers are not
      utilizing these resources merely because of their slavish mentality.

      Hafiz Saeed advised the Muslim Ummah, especially the
      Pakistani nation not to lose heart in the present situation and
      instead stand ready for war. He said all Satanic forces failed to
      stop Jehad in the past and they would also fail in such efforts in

      He noted that in the present age, war is not fought only
      with gun. Media and propaganda have become a more powerful weapon as
      compared to gun.

      He said it was time that the Muslim Ummah took to the path of Jehad
      in line with the Sunnah of the Noble Prophet as the survival of the
      Ummah lies only in Jehad. If the Muslim rulers and the Ummah adopt the
      Jehadic path with all sincerity, harnessing the resources at their
      disposal, no worldly power could defeat them. He said fortunately,
      Jehad has already been revived and the message of Jehad has been
      conveyed all over the world. There is no bigger threat to the forces
      of Kufr than Jehad, he added.

      Lashkar e Taiba not involved in attack on Indian Parliament,

      Pakistan armed forces, Mujahideen and people fully prepared to face
      Indian threats Hafiz Saeed.

      Chief of the Jamaat Al Dawa, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said in Lahore
      on Saturday, that the Pakistan armed forces, the Jehadic organizations
      and the Pakistani nation are fully prepared and strong enough to meet
      an Indian attack. He also refuted the New Delhi charge that the
      Lashkar e Taiba was involved in the attack on the Indian Parliament in
      New Delhi early December.

      In an interview with the leading Urdu daily Nawa i Waqt, he said if
      India dared to impose a war on Pakistan, the Mujahideen and the
      Pakistani nation would stand shoulder to shoulder with their armed
      forces to frustrate enemy designs.

      Hafiz Muhammad Saeed had a detailed meeting with the Chief Editor of
      the national daily Nawa i Waqt, Mr Majid Nizami, and discussed with
      him the latest situation prevailing on the borders.. Later in an
      interview, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed forcefully denied that the Lashkar e
      Taiba was responsible for the attack on the Indian Parliament early
      this month. The Lashkar e Taiba never planned any such attack nor was
      such an activity in line with its Jehadic stretegy. In case New Delhi
      had any evidence to prove its claim, it should approach any impartial
      forum and his side would face every eventuality.

      Hafiz Muhammad Saeed explained that Islamic Jehad did not allow
      targeting civic or democratic institutions. Jihadic activity is
      carried out only against people and organizations practically
      involved in oppression. He said that even as a reaction or in case of
      provocation, a Jehadic organization could not conceive of targeting a
      parliament or civic forum which was a gathering of people not
      practically involved in oppression and tyranny.

      Asked if he was prepared to go to the international court in
      Switzerland or any world forum , Hafiz Saeed said he would not
      nominate any forum. Instead, India should approach any such forum
      with evidence against the Jehadic groups, and his side would also
      appear there either in person or through its counsel for its defence.
      He however asserted forcefully that the Lashkar e Taiba was not
      involved in the attack on the Indian parliament and their hands were

      The Chief of the Jamaat Al Dawa noted that America had blamed Osama
      bin Laden for the September 11 attacks without providing any evidence
      and launched attacks on Afghanistan on this plea. As the US had
      targeted an accused country without providing any evidence, Indian was
      following the same policy and trying to blackmail America and its
      allies to gain from the prevailing situation.

      However. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed exhorted the nation to stand united and
      fully prepare for war. He said there was no room for despondency and
      despair in the face of Indian threats. The Pakistan army was fully
      prepared to face the Indian attack and the entire nation would fight
      shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces.

      He said the Indiana occucpation forces had been carrying on genocide
      of the Kashmiris during the last decade. Eight lakh Indian troops are
      engaged in the killing of the innocent Muslims in Kashmir which is a
      disputed territory, The Kashmiris are fighting for freedom. The Indian
      government did not trust the Kashmiris and was afraid of them, and its
      threats to Pakistan were hollow.
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