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1925My wishes for 2014

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  • raja chemayel
    Dec 31, 2013
       IN 2014 ,,

      I wish anyone more democrat than President Al Assad
      would replace him,peacefully.

      I wish that the USA would feed its poor
      before  pumping any money into Israel 

      I wish that Israelis would realise that
      they are not more Semite than Mickey-mouse
      nor Elvis Presley...

      I wish that a Palestinian would be considered
      equal to an Amerindian or an Aborigine  

      I wish that the word " Spring " becomes again a Spring 
      that democracies grow as a plant and not fall like a parachute .

      I wish that Islam takes over Islamism 
      that Christianity recognises its twin sister , socialism .
      That Judaism realises that without Christianity or Islam 
      it would be good for Museums , only ....

      I wish that Greed would avoid the politicians and their nations,
      I wish that Peace would rely only on Justice .
      I wish that wishes do not become rules set upon the weak.

      I wish , finally , to all of you....
      patience and patience and health.

      Raja Chemayel
      The last hours of 2013