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1924Shia Views Of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W's Wives

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  • Iqbal Shaikh
    Dec 31, 2013
    Shia Views Of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W's Wives
    The Shia insult the wives of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), even though the Quran refers to Prophet Muhammad's wives as Mothers of the Believers.
    Let's examine what the Shia's books say:
    1. When Shia's Imam Mahdi (the 12th Shia Imam) comes, he will bring Prophet Mohammad's wife, Aisha, back to life, whip her as a punishment to avenge Prophet Muhammad's daughter, Fatima. (Al-Shafi, Vol. 2, p. 108),
    (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, p. 139 & 347) & (Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol. 2, p. 901)
    2. Prophet Mohammad's wives, Aisha and Hafsa, are accused of poisoning Prophet Mohammad. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, p. 118)
    3. Abu Bakr, Omar, Aisha & Hafsa poisoned Mohammad. (Quran Translation by Shia Scholar, Maqbool H. Dehlevi, Chap. 28, p. 894)
    4. Aisha is insulted and described negatively. (Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 879) & (Tohfa-e-Hanfia Dar Jawab Tohfa-e-Jaffria, p. 271 & p. 334)
    5. Aisha and Hafsa were hypocrite and infidel women. (Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol. No. 2, p. 900)
    6. Aisha was a hypocrite. (Hayat-ul-Quloob, p. 867)
    7. Aisha was an infidel woman. (Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol. No. 2, p. 726)
    8. Aisha is accused of committing adultery. (Quran Majeed by Maqbool
    Hussain Dehlevi, p. 840)
    9. An insult to Aisha and prophet Mohammad's companion, Muawiyah.
    (Tohfa-e-Hanfia Dar Jawab Tohfa-e-Jaffria, p. 65)
    10. Prophet Mohammad's wife, Hafsa, was an indecent woman. (Tohfa-e-
    Hanfia Dar Jawab Tohfa-e-Jaffria, p. 123)