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1922Mith that the prophet fought no battles with kuffar

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  • Iqbal Shaikh
    Dec 31, 2013
      Between whom was the battle of badr fought,and battle of uhud and khandak? Were they not qurraish kuffar of makka? Between whom the battles of khaybar,,muata,tabuk fought?Were they not after all kuffar?
        IN FACT THE LAST MESSANGER s,a,w.did not fight any battles with muslims. Can salfi/ahle hadis - who want precedent for everything from the prophet s.a.w.-- tell what guidance their version of islam has for prisoners of war both muslim men and women and in respect of booty[male ganimat] arising after the battle between muslims based on hadis which they demand for everything? Do they support decision of Hazarat Ali r.a. which he took after the battle of camel without precedent of sunnah?
        For us who follow sunnah of the prophet and sahaba,there is no problem.