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  • akakatrtr
    ... refinery, ... 25 year ... living in a ... Some of ... They are ... poor family ... here. I have ... of them ... needed. In ... to torn ... results ...
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2002
      --- In islam_denounces_terrorism@y..., Anwar_Tatariya@r... wrote:
      > Dear Akay
      > Assalamo Alaykum
      > I am a chemical engineer working with world's largest grass-root
      > Reliance Petroleum Ltd. situated in west most part of India. I am
      25 year
      > old and this is starting point of my carrier. Currently, I am
      living in a
      > small city called Jamnagar and it is nearby my native place.
      > Most of Muslims here in India are poor, illiterate and unemployed.
      Some of
      > them are Muslims by name and don't know Islam in real sense.
      They are
      > sometime easily misguided. Basically, I am also from a very
      poor family
      > from a small village. I have made a big struggle to reach
      here. I have
      > always been blessed with good friends since from school days. Most
      of them
      > were non Muslims. They have given me moral support when I
      needed. In
      > college, sometime I was not having many books. My friends used
      to torn
      > their books apart during exam days and giving me to read. When
      > come, I have seen them more curious to know my results than their
      own. I am
      > really proud of having such a good friend circle. We share our
      > freely. We respects each other's religion though we cannot accept
      some of
      > other's views. I am practically Muslim, but I accompany my Hindu
      friends to
      > their Mandir sometime. I don't have anything to do with the
      statue there,
      > but I can pray Allah there also considering it a holy place.
      Every human
      > being believe that there is one and only one super natural power.
      And that
      > is what we say "La-Ilaha Illallah".
      > All the time I had a great trust on the almighty ALLAH. I have done
      my best
      > just because He has always been with me. He has sent people to
      guide me,
      > help me and boost my moral in one or other form. I realised what
      His angels
      > means in true sense. He has made my sixth sense more active.
      I never
      > complain Him for anything. I know HIM from my inner.
      > My mission in life is to guide and help students over here
      who really
      > deserve it. I don't want them to face what I had. I want to start
      a chain
      > of people who uplift themselves and then others. I don't have any
      money or
      > spare time currently. But, I will try my level best for that in
      > Please make dua that I can do that.
      > ANY WAY, This is more than what I should say about myself.
      > Salaam ............
      > Anwar Tatariya
      > Asst. Manager
      > Reliance Petroleum Ltd.
      > Jamnagar (INDIA)
      > Ph (O): +91 288 292161

      My dear brother Anwar,
      I am glad to know you. As I have told before, in Turkey, where I
      live, people from various religions live in peace. I wish the same
      thing for you all.
      I live in Istanbul, and I am 30 years old. I deal with trade.
      Although I am from a Muslim family, I didnot have any information
      about Islam when I was young. I didnot knowing what is written in
      Quran. In following years, as Allah`s grace to me, I have started to
      learn Islam. I have started to read Quran, and other related books.
      As you have also mentioned in your message, saying that `I am Muslim`
      is very different from living Islam. Since I started to obey Quran,
      as if a heavy load has abandoned. The first reason is being friend of
      Allah. The second reason is learning the reality of destiny. (that
      everything is in the control of Allah). Actually Allah knows
      everything, Allah is Just and the most Merciful. Allah hears and sees
      everything and replies to every prayer.
      Allah bless you.
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