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Surah Nor

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    Surah Nor is madnee surah and it has 64 verses and nine ruku It is named as Surah Nor coz this word nor is used in this surah of Quran .other reason of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
       ***************************************Surah Nor is madnee surah and it has 64 verses and  nine ruku
      It  is named as Surah Nor coz this word nor is used in this surah of Quran .other reason of this name is that it has guidance for all humans .
      According to this  Surah :
      *      Punishment for zane man and woman if they are  becholar is 100 koray .if they are married then their punishment is Rajum .
      *      Certainly zane man or women will marry to zanee man or woman .
      *      Third oder is about kazaF {( if some one say some thing wrong about other which he doesn’t  do or did (Tohmat)}.punishment for this is 80 koray .
      *      Fourth oder is about laan (if husband  say that his wife do zana but he don’t  have four eye witness then they will lan one and other and will  be  segregate.
      *      Fifth rule  or oder is about lie and boHtan . this oder was  revealed when hypocrites
      Said bad about Mother Asha (RS).
      Ten verses are about this incident, this was the first time when revelation is revealed for innocence of any one .
      *      Sixth oder is about manner of entering in the house .Allah forbid us to enter in any one house with his or her permission.
      *      Seventh oder  is about veil . Allah oder all muslim men and women to lower their gaze and protect their private parts .
      *      Eight commandment is about marriage “all free and slaves who can fulfill rights of marriage they should marry .islam strongly obstruct  zana.
      *      Ninth commandment is about rights of slave .
      *      Tenth commandment is about zana with slave in past it was quite common that some rich people forced their slave women for zana  islam strongly obstruct it .
      After these 10 commandments Allah give us three example one for Muslims  and other two  for unbelievers .
      *      In this surah Allah symbolize light of muslim ‘s hearth with light of lamp
      *      Other example is for unbeliever in which Allah say that acts of unbeliever are like sarab(part of desert which don’t have water )as a traveler in desert thinks that there is water but when he reached there . there is nothing .in the same way unbeliever thinks  that he will get  good rewards of his acts which he had done in this world but he will have nothing in hereafter .
      *      In other example Allah symbolize their beliefs with the darkness of sea .
      *      after these examples there are the verses  about  flight of birds ,creation of sky and earth ,changing  of day and night ,lead to Oneness, Uniqueness of Allah (Tawheed)
      *      after tawheed, there is contrast  between hypocrite and muslim .
      *      hypocrite pretend to have frim faith ,but when a time came where there is his personal loss he avoid to obey Allah and RAsool(SAW).where as momin obeys Allah and his last messenger (SAW) in any circumstance
      *      after that there are three commandment related to daily life.
      *      First is that before NAmaz fajar and after namaz zohar after namaz Esah(night prayer )  ,childs and slaves should take permission before entering in the sleeping room.
      *       *XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX***************************************

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