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get marry with a muslim partner because he/she is (islamically) religious.

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  • Cemil Celepci
    I think it is the third publication in the groups. e t-tekraru ahsan velev kane yüz seksen. means: the repeating is good even if it becomes 180 times.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2006
      I think it is the third publication in the groups.

      "e't-tekraru ahsan velev kane yüz seksen."


      "the repeating is good even if it becomes 180 times."

      note: the word of "yüzseksen" is not arabic, but it is
      turkish; however, the previous words are of course

      wassalamu alaikum

      cemil celepci
      min turkiye


      my reply to a muslim sister in the forum of
      www.islam.com is mentioned below.

      wassalamu alikum

      cemil celepci


      get marry with a muslim partner because he/she is
      (islamically) religious.

      Ýstanbul, 2005-02-23

      dear sahira,

      assalamu alaikum,

      age difference is no matter in islam. if the age
      difference would be around 25 years; i would kindly
      advise you to think before marriage.

      however, your age difference is 17 years. this
      shouldn't be problem among you. your parents, friends,
      family and all of your environment (and of course you)
      should first of all take into considiration the
      islamic counciousness of the future partner.

      Actually, the partner who is intended to get married
      should know islam very well and should live islam as
      well. you should prefer such a person.

      our prophet says one of his holy words that all
      marriages are done according to the below reasons:

      "people get marry with a girl/woman because of her
      following four features;

      1-because she is beatiful.
      2-because she is rich.
      3-because she is from a noble family.
      4-because she is (islamically) religious."

      our prophet muhammad peace be upon him advises us to
      choose the girl who has the fourth feature of the
      above ones.

      this doesn't mean that you do not take into
      considiration other three features. immam gazzali
      (died at the year of 1111) rahimehullah indicates that
      if a girl has the four of above features together, of
      course, it is better to choose her.

      the above four features are valid not only for muslim
      girls but also for muslim boys as well. this means,
      muslim girls should also try to find the muslim
      partner who has fistly the above fourth feature.

      let me please explain the above hadees of our prophet
      a little bit:

      suppose there are four muslim partner with whom you
      intend to get married.

      -first muslim partner is handsome/beatiful; but he/she
      is not so (islamically) religious.
      -second muslim partner is rich; but he/she is not so
      (islamically) religious.
      -third muslim partner is from a noble family; but
      he/she is not so (islamically) religious.
      -forth muslim partner is (islamically) religious; but
      he/she is not so handsome/beatiful, he/she is not so
      rich and he/she is from a normal family.

      If you want to be happy both here in this world and in
      the hereafter you should prefer the fourth muslim

      If you choose the fourth partner, Allah subhanahu wa
      taala may give both to you and to your partner the
      other three features before you die.

      However, if you do not take into considiration the
      religiousness of the partner and if you prefer one (or
      three) of the above three features only, both of you
      may become, one day, ugly, poor and from a normal

      May Allah subhanahu taala help all of us (being as
      muslims all over the world) to get married with those
      partners who are really living Islam as much as they

      Fi amanillah. (may Allah protect all of us.)

      Wassalamu alaikum.

      Cemil Celepci

      Cemil Celepci
      Istanbul / Turkiye
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