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Laskar Jihad and Sharia Law

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  • Larry Rudd
    Dear Listmembers, I was wondering what the take is of our members residing in Indonesia and Malaysia of the following article:
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      Dear Listmembers,

      I was wondering what the take is of our members residing in Indonesia
      and Malaysia of the following article:
      (if the above line is cut, reassemble it in the address line of your

      I would imagine that Ja'far Umar Thalib also speaks of similar
      sentiments held by an organization in Malaysia, the KMM Jihad (though
      their specific representative was not cited.)

      At any rate, Ja'far Umar Thalib has "thousands of [armed] dedicated
      warriors at his command" and he demands that all Americans
      immediately leave Indonesia or they will face death. If America
      responds to the attacks on 9/11/01 then his armies "will declare war
      on all U.S. facilities in Indonesia."

      Despite the wishes of the Indonesian government he and his followers
      have instituted Sharia law in the Molucca Islands where the death
      toll has been at least 5,000 with a half a million people left
      homeless because of his war on the Christians there.

      Among many things, there is no freedom of religion under Sharia law,
      you get the death penalty for converting to or propagating another
      religion. Also, non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens,
      their testimony is not valid in an Islamic court. Church and State
      are synonymous. Apparently, Laskar Jihad feels this is what is best
      for the Moluccans first, the Indonesians next and the rest of the
      world after that.

      Any study of the law will leave you with the idea that when it is
      imposed on an area, if you want to continue living there you will
      either accept it or die.

      Ja'far said, "The World Trade Center was an appropriate target
      because of its importance to the U.S. economy."

      Apparently the fact that approximately 800 Muslims were among the
      6,300+ innocent civilians murdered in that attack didn't seem to have
      an effect on him. His reply, "The Muslim victims are like a side

      To him, "What is more important is that the attack countered the
      superiority of America in front of the Islamic world."

      Notice, he is attempting to speak for "the Islamic world" when he
      makes such a proclamation (just as Bin Laden does) and he's either
      expecting America to respect him or fear him.

      If he (and others like him) do not speak for the Islamic world then
      it would be a good idea for the Islamic world to deal with him (and
      quickly.) He and his followers have killed many people in their cause
      and he advocated the slaughter of innocent people INCLUDING MUSLIMS
      in the attack on 9/11/01.

      If you know of specifics (insofar as official or military responses)
      please don't email me or post them for security reasons. However, I'm
      just trying to point out that the solution to this problem must
      originate from the inside out or people like this man will drag down
      all of Islam in their wake when the history books are written about
      this subject.

      Larry Rudd
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