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Ramadan Toy Drive 2013 - Pakistan

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    As salaamu Alaykum, Do You Remember The First Toy You Ever Had And The Endless Fun You Had Playing With It? We all remember being kids and remember having
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      As salaamu Alaykum,

      "Do You Remember The First Toy You Ever Had And The Endless Fun You Had Playing With It?"We all remember being kids and remember having toys, or wanting toys as kids. Whether it was our own birthday party, or the birthday party of one of our friends. We LOVED toys growing up. Just seeing all those toys has a feeling attached to it. It has the feeling of happiness, of family being together, of the curiosity attached to discovering what it will do.

      This ramadan give someone the gift of JOY. Help the poor, and the sick children by donating a toy.

      Donate your unwanted toys, board games, puzzles, play dough, story books, coloring books & pencils, stuffed toys, sweets and goodies to #RamadanToyDrive and we'll deliver these to the poor and sick in Hospitals all over #Lahore and #Karachi

      If you are unable to send toys, you can donate cash as well (keep reading to find out how).

      On receiving your donation, the volunteers at the Toy Drive, get toys for the kids, pack them into individual goody bags with a stuffed toy, a pack of play dough, a book, a few coloring books & color pencils, a doll or car, some sweets and goodies.

      Then they tie a pink or blue ribbon on these bags for a girl or boy. The volunteers then take all the goody bags and deliver them to one of the government hospitals with a children's ward.

      We really need your help - whether you donate your own old toys, your children's toys, or get new ones for the drive. Or donate cash through online transfer, cheque or via PayPal. We really appreciate everything we can get.

      Here's how you can help make this an overwhelming success.

      Go around your house and look for any old toys that you might have lying around, that your kids don't use, or haven't used in a while. In fact, get your kids involved - tell them about it, and they'll go get their toys themselves.

      Then put all these toys in your car and bring them down to one of the following locations closest to you.

      If you discover that you don't have any toys to give. Go out to your closest toy store, or one that you like. Buy some toys, play dough, color pencils & coloring books, board games, biscuit (tiki) packs, sweets (bite sized candy), stuffed toys, dolls and puzzles.

      Call up a few of your friends and ask them to donate specifically to the Ramadan Toy Drive. Every amount counts. So open your heart and donate as much as you can to this noble cause.

      Then drop them off on one of the convenient location in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad.

      You can check them out on their Facebook event page below.

      Or mail your cheques to 121-U, Street 3, Phase 2, DHA, Lahore

      Message Ramadan Toy Drive on their facebook page to if you have any other questions http://www.facebook.com/RamadanToyDrive

      You can check out their website and read the entire story, how the Toy Drive started in 2011 and is bringing smiles on faces of numerous children out there who are unable to afford buying their favourite toys themselves.

      Your donations will bring a smile to a poor and sick child - one who would otherwise be entirely forgotten while we have a great time with our family.

      The deadline to send in your donations is 26th July, after that they've got to give these out.

      P.S. Remember to spread the word to your friends and family and insist that they donate immediately for this excellent cause.

      Ramadan Toy Drive - 2013!

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