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  • Adam Mohomed Sait
    THE CAUSES OF ANGER AND ITS MEDICINE Narrated Al-Musaiyyab: When Abu Talib was on his death bed, the Prophet (SallAllahu alaihi wasallam) went to him while
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      Narrated Al-Musaiyyab:
      When Abu Talib was on his death bed, the Prophet (SallAllahu alaihi wasallam) went to him while Abu-Jahl was sitting beside him. The Prophet (SallAllahu alaihi wasallam) said: "O my uncle! Say: La ilaha illallah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), an expression with which I will defend your case, before Allah." Abu-Jahl and Abdullah bin Umaiyyah said: "O Abu Talib! Will you leave the religion of Abdul-Muttalib?" So they kept on saying this to him so that the last statement he said to them (before he died) was: "I am on the religion of Abdul-Muttalib." Then the Prophet (SallAllahu alaihi wasallam) said: "I will keep on asking for Allah's forgiveness for you unless I am forbidden to do so." Then the following Verse was revealed:
      It is not (proper) for the Prophet and those who believe to ask Allah's Forgiveness for the Mushrikun
      (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah),
      even though they be of kin, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of the Fire (because they died in a state of disbelief)
      Holy Qur’an Surah At-Taubah 9: Verse 113
      The other Verse was also revealed:
      " Verily you (O Muhammad SallAllahu alaihi wasallam) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills.
      And He knows best those who are the guided.
      Holy Qur’an Surah Al-Qasas 28: Verse 56
      Sahih Al-Bukhari 5/3884



      From Imam Ghazali's book "Ihyaa Uloom ad Deen"
      (The revival of religious teachings)

      Know, O dear readers, that the medecine of a disease is to remove the root cause of that disease. Isa (Jesus Christ) -peace be upon him- was once asked: "What thing is difficult?" He said: "God's wrath." Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) -peace be upon him- then asked: "What thing takes near the wrath of God?" He said:"Anger". Yahya - peace be upon him- asked him:"What thing grows and increases anger?" Isa -peace be upon him- said:"Pride, prestige, hope for honour and haughtiness"
      The causes which cause anger to grow are self-conceit, self-praise, jests and ridicule, argument, treachery, too much greed for too much wealth and name and fame. If these evils are united in a person, his conduct becomes bad and he cannot escape anger.
      So these things should be removed by their opposites. Self-praise is to be removed by modesty. Pride is to be removed by one's own origin and birth, greed is to be removed by remaining satisfied with necessary things, and miserliness by charity.
      The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "A strong man is not he who defeats his adversary by wrestling, but a strong man is he who controls himself at the time of anger."
      We are describing below the medecines of anger after one gets angry. The medecine is a mixture of knowledge and action. The medecine based on knowledge is of six kinds:
      (1) The first medecine of knowledge is to think over the rewards of appeasing anger, that have come from the verses of the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh). Your hope for getting rewards of appeasing anger will restrain you from taking revenge.
      (2) The second kind of medecine based on knowledge is to fear the punishment of God and to think that the punishment of God upon me is greater than my punishment upon him. If I take revenge upon this man for anger, God will take revenge upon me on the Judgement Day.
      (3) The third kind of medecine of anger based on knowledge is to take precaution about punishment of enemity and revenge on himself. You feel joy in having your enemy in your presence in his sorrows, You yourself are not free from that danger. You will fear that your enemy might take revenge against you in this world and in the next.
      (4) Another kind of medecine based on knowledge is to think about the ugly  face of the angry man, which is just like that of the ferocious beast. He who appeases anger looks like a sober and learned man.
      (5) The fifth kind of medecine based on knowledgeis to think that the devil will advise by saying: " You will be weak if you do not get angry!" Do not listen to him!
      (6) The sixth reason is to think: " What reason have I got to get angry? What Allah wishes has occured!"
      Medecine based on action
      When you get angry, say: I seek refuge in God from the accursed evil (A'oudhou billaahi min as shaytaan ir rajeem). The prophet (pbuh) ordered us to say thus.
      When Ayesha (RA) got angry, he dragged her by the nose and said: " O dear Ayesha, say: O God, you are the Lord of my prophet Muhammad, forgive my sins and remove the anger from my heart and save me from misguidance."
      If anger does not go by this means, you will sit down if you are standing, lie down if you are sitting, and come near to earth, as you have been created of earth. Thus make yourself calm like the earth. The cause of wrath is heat and its opposite is to lie down on the ground and to make the body calm and cool.
      The prophet (pbuh) said: Anger is a burning coal. Don't you see your eyebrows wide and eyes reddish? So when one of you feels angry, let him sit down if standing, and lie down if sitting.
      If still anger does not stop, make ablution with cold water or take a bath, as fire cannot be extinguished without water.
      The prophet (pbuh) said : " When one of you gets angry, let him make ablution with water as anger arises out of fire." In another narration, he said:" Anger comes from the devil and the devil is made of fire."
      Hazrat Ali (RA) said:

      The prophet did not get angry for any action of the world. When any true matter charmed him, nobody knew it and nobody got up to take revenge for his anger. HE GOT ANGRY ONLY FOR TRUTH.

      AL-MUDABBIR - The Ruler, the Director, Who governs all of creation with order and balance

      Your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and Earth in six days and then established Himself firmly on the Throne. He directs the whole affair … (Surah Yunus, 10:3)

      Allah holds sway over the entire universe, for not a single atom moves without Him knowing it. Allah is the sole ruler of everything, from a dust particle to the planets following their orbits to the billions of inhabitants living in the micro-universe. The sky that serves as a dome by His grace, the billions of stars, the planets proceeding in their orbits, and the Sun have all submitted to Allah. This perfect order proves the existence of a power that controls all of existence, regardless of time or location. This power, which is over and above any other power, manifests Allah's perfect creation.

      When we gaze at Earth, we encounter an amazing order. Allah assigns every living being a particular duty, and they carry out these duties fully. For instance, trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. The soil produces edible food, rain falls in due measure and at a particular rate, and after a lightning flash comes thunder. This balance is always maintained. While some people die, others are born.

      Allah also rules the bodies of all living beings with great balance and order, for He has caused all organs to help one another. For instance, people cannot make their hearts beat or their intestines digest food. Nor can they be aware of the war waged by leucocytes in their blood against microbes, or of the countless chemical reactions taking place in their bodies. And, in no way can they supervise them.

      In addition, human life relies on countless external factors that are ruled by Allah with great order and balance. If Allah had created the universe and then left it to its own devices, as some people claim, everything would have been ruined at that very moment. In fact, all of those interrelated systems have remained intact and continue to exist because of our Creator's power, for Allah is the real owner and ruler of the universe. The Qur'an calls attention to this fact, as follows:

      Allah keeps a firm hold on the heavens and Earth, preventing them from vanishing. And if they vanished, no one could then keep hold of them. Certainly He is Lenient, Ever-Forgiving. (Surah Fatir, 35:41)


      Virtues of the Kalimah

      It is the price to pay for the Gardens of Paradise (jannah) He whose last words are laa ilaaha illallaah will enter the Gardens of Paradise
      It is salvation from the Hellfire
      It necessitates being forgiven
      It is the best of all good actions
      It wipes away sins
      It renews the faith (eemaan) that is planted in the heart
      It outweighs, on the scales, the records of sins
      It traverses all barriers until it reaches Allaah the Majestic
      It is a kalimah whose sayer Allaah declares truthful
      It is the best of what the Prophets have said
      It is the best form of remembrance, the best of all actions and the one that is multiplied the most [in reward]
      It is equivalent to freeing slaves
      It is a protection against Shaytaan
      It is a means of safety from the darkness in the grave and from the terror of the gathering (al-hashr)
      It is a distinguishing sign for the Believers when they emerge from their graves
      All eight gates of Paradise will be opened to its testifier and he may enter by any one he chooses. Even if its testifier enters the Hell fire due to falling short in fulfilling [some of] its rights, most definitely, that person will eventually be taken out from it.
      These were the main points that Ibn Rajab mentioned in his essay concerning the virtues of the kalimah, bringing a proof
      for each one of these points. (Kalimatul-Ikhlaas pp.54-66).
      Ref.: Taken from the Book "The Declaration of Faith" By Shaykh Saalih ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan





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