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Crisis of the Muslim mind

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  • maqsud sobhani
    As salaam alaikum and greetings everyone. I hope that by the grace of Allah, we all are doing well and in good health. It is very clear from the various global
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2004
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      As salaam alaikum and greetings everyone. I hope that
      by the grace of Allah, we all are doing well and in
      good health. It is very clear from the various global
      events that the world is going through a period of
      great crisis. It seems that this crisis is not about
      to be over in a short time. The magnitude of the
      crisis is so severe, and in a world filled with
      weapons of mass destruction and weapons of mass
      hatred, the consequences can be the destruction of the
      whole human race.

      We are living in a world that is filled with anger,
      hatred, propaganda, distrust, lack of understanding of
      each other, and mass generalization (negatively) of
      the people that are not like us.

      We all know which countries have the weapons of mass
      destruction (hint: not Iraq) and which countries have
      the machinery to create mass propaganda and hatred. By
      looking at the history, even of the last one hundred
      years or so, we also know which countries participated
      in the most mass killings and genocide, and usually
      got away with some superficial justification of their

      In more recent years, it has been the Muslim land that
      has been the target of aggression by some of these
      countries, for one reason or another. We must not also
      forget that, justice has virtually disappeared from
      the Muslim lands themselves. Muslim land has been
      ruled by ruthless rulers who couldn�t care for
      differences of opinions or any objection to their
      rule. Any and all opposition has been quashed

      The purpose of this article is not to talk about the
      affects of colonization or how these so called Muslim
      rulers have been supported by the west. At some point,
      we have to start taking responsibility of our actions
      and move away from blaming everyone else for our

      Due to the repressive actions of the Muslim
      governments many of the opposition went underground
      and picked up unconventional methods of confrontation.
      Unfortunately, these methods eventually made no
      distinction between combatants or civilians or even
      innocent by standers. Long before the recent stream of
      violent actions carried out in the name of Islam, we
      had already witnessed those in places like Egypt and
      Algeria for example. So, these incidents of bombing
      and such didn�t develop overnight.

      Surely, none of us are supporting US, British or
      Russian foreign policy in Iraq, Chechnya, or many
      other parts of the world; just like we can not support
      hardly any policy that is coming out of much of the
      Muslim world; a world that is run by dictators,
      tyrants, and self styled monarchs. We far too often
      close our eyes, when Muslims commit atrocities against
      non-Muslims and against other Muslims as well. All we
      have to say is, all these are propaganda by the west
      or Jews, or we don�t need �democracy� we have Islam.
      As if the form of government that exists in much of
      Muslim (probably all of Muslim world) world is an
      example of ideal Islamic government! Jews have become
      the favorite whipping boy for the Muslims. We forget
      that for much of history, Muslims and Jews lived
      peacefully together. We can�t put all Jews in the same
      bucket. In Islam, we can never generalize, just like
      we don�t want people to generalize the Muslims.

      Over the last few years, we have seen some mind
      numbing, despicable, and grotesque killings in the
      name of Islam, mainly in retaliation of even more mind
      numbing, despicable and grotesque killing that was
      done to the Muslims.

      One of the things that trouble me in particular is,
      the attitude of many Muslims who justify the violence
      and killing that are committed by these Muslims
      criminals. Some are in complete denial and some are of
      the opinion that, since Muslims are being massacred,
      it gives us the right to indiscriminately kill
      innocent people; in other words, �They kill our
      innocents and expect us to sit by and watch!�

      We must learn to accept responsibility of our
      shortcomings and be able to criticize ourselves
      without being overtly self-defensive. Since we
      consider ourselves to be victims, we are all too often
      unwilling to accept wrongs that are done by Muslims.

      Regardless of what others have done unto us, we must
      not forget that we have our own teachings and
      guidance. We have our holy book from Allah/God, and we
      had the greatest of human teacher, prophet Muhammad
      (peace be on him), who has shown us how to live and
      conduct our lives through his life examples. We must
      follow our teaching and conduct according to what is
      prescribed in our religion. If we try to play this
      �game� according to rules that is not ours, we will
      fail and we have been failing because we are following
      the ways of retaliation that is not part of our

      Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), in a hadith
      mentioned that Muslims would follow Jews and
      Christians even if they enter a lizard�s hole. This
      hadith is in the collection of Bukhari. Unfortunately
      the actions of these so called Muslims that are
      beheading captives in Iraq or killing of children in
      Russia and many other incidents of bombing that is
      taking place in many parts of the world, seems to
      resonate what the prophet of Allah had said 1400 years
      ago. Just because �they are doing it to us�, doesn�t
      give us the right to do the same to them.

      We must follow our own code of conduct. We don�t
      believe in the �end justifies the means� either. To
      achieve a noble end/goal, we must use noble means. We
      simply cannot use ignoble means to achieve a noble

      I encourage people to read the following article
      Hamza Yusuf wrote it. You can also go to
      to directly access the article, or visit

      We pray that Allah gives us guidance and

      Our Lord! Make us not a trial for the evildoing folk,
      and save as by Your mercy from people who deny the
      truth (10:85-86)

      Our Lord! Bestow on us endurance and make our foothold
      sure and give us help against those who reject faith.


      Maqsud Sobhani

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