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  • mohammad hassan
    LIFE OF ISSAA (JESUS CHRIST)PEACE BE UPON HIM as we all know that hazrat ISAA peace be upon him was born in a different way . its in the holy Quran about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2004
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                         LIFE OF ISSAA  (JESUS  , CHRIST)
       as we all know that hazrat ISAA was born in a different way .
           its in the quran abt the birth of him
        surah maryam  ( 15 - 39 )
                        its there in these verses
              " the angel said that GOD has sent me to give a pious son .
               she exclaimed with amusement ,how can a boy  born to me 
               because no one has touched me and i m not a villainous .
               the angel said that it will happen .  ALLAH  say " it is easy 
              forME and I will  born him (ISSAA) in  this way so that I make
             the boy an example (of nature) for people and make him blessing
             and this  is decided ."
      and when he was born people accused HAZRAT MARYAM of sin .but then he (ISAA )
      said in very early age .
              surah maryam (29)
        " the boy (ISAA) said that i m human of GOD. HE  gave me book 
         (anajeel) and made me HIS prophet "
      and GOD gave him miracles . he could give life to a dead with the order of ALLAH
      and make patients healthy and could remove diseases of people even of them who
      had diseases since birth . he started teaching people about the right ways of living and started preaching ALLAH 'S message and ALLAH gave him a book ANJEEL  , the jews became jeloused of his prophet-hood and decided to kill him . and finally on the time they
      caught him and was going to hang him .ALLAH called him up and made a man (yahoda)
      like him.jews hanged him and thought that they had killed ISAA.
         its in surah alnisah  (156-158) of quran
       "  and because they (jews) that we have killed ISSAA sin of MARYAM
        who is the prophet of GOD . but in reality they niether killed him nor hanged him but they felt uncertain . the people who differ him they think wrong .  tehy have no evidence anout this matter but they act upon  doubt .
      and this is the reality that they did not killed him (ISSAA) instead  GOD
       called him up and ALLAH is most super"
      now he is in heaven and he will come back before qayamah .
         its in surah al -zukhruh (60)
       " and I made him (ISAA) a clue of the day of judgement  so do not doubt
        about him (ISAA) and do my (ALLAH'S ) bedding "
            more in almaida , alnisal , zukhruf , maryam etc

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