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Zaynab's Marriage with Zayd (By: Adil Salahi, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia)

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      B i s m i l l a a h i r   R a h m a a n i r   R a h e e m

      As Salaam o Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi WaBarkaatuh





      Zaynab’s Marriage with Zayd
      Adil Salahi | Arab News


      The Prophet (peace be upon him) adopted Zayd ibn Harithah as his son, when Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu), a young boy who fell into slavery and ended with Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Makkah, refused to return home with his father preferring to stay with Muhammad (peace be upon him). This was long before Muhammad (peace be upon him) started to receive divine revelations as Allah’s last Prophet.

      It was a gesture of nobility on Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s part, reassuring the father that his son would be well looked after. Explaining his preference, Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) said to his father and his uncle that he saw from Muhammad (peace be upon him) enough to make him prefer staying with him to any other situation.

      The relation between Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) was very close. They loved each other like real father and son. Therefore, when Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) was a young man, Muhammad (peace be upon him) chose for him a wife.

      She was none other than Umm Ayman, who looked after Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he was a young orphan. She was an Abyssinian slave who stayed with Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he grew up. The Prophet (peace be upon him) continued to look after her until he died. She gave birth to Usamah ibn Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu), who was one of the dearest people to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

      When Muhammad (peace be upon him) became a Prophet and started to receive divine revelations, Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) was one of the first four people to adopt Islam. The other three were Khadijah (Raziallahu Anha), the Prophet’s wife, Abu Bakr (Raziallahu Anhu), his closest friend, and Ali (Raziallahu Anhu), his young cousin whom he (peace be upon him) had brought up. Reports differ as to who of the four was the first, but it is certain that Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) was the first or the second man to believe in him.

      Khadijah (Raziallahu Anha) was certainly the first woman to do so, and Ali (Raziallahu Anhu) the first boy. They were all very close to Muhammad (peace be upon him), and they knew him well.

      They realized that a man who always adhered strictly to the truth in all situations could not invent a lie and attribute it to Allah.

      Therefore, they all believed him when he (peace be upon him) said that he (peace be upon him) saw the angel who delivered to him the message that Allah had chosen him as His last messenger.

      Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) continued to be close to the Prophet (peace be upon him) throughout his life.

      He supported him firmly when the Quraysh, his own tribe, stubbornly resisted his message.

      When the Prophet (peace be upon him) immigrated to Madinah, Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) also immigrated along with all Muslims there.

      Around two years after this immigration, the Prophet (peace be upon him) chose a new wife for Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu). She was none other than the Prophet’s own cousin, Zaynab bint Jahsh (Raziallahu Anha), a very pretty woman with a noble descent. Her father belonged to the Asad clan of the Quraysh, while her mother was Umamah bint Abd Al-Muttalib, the Prophet’s own paternal aunt.

      Zaynab (Raziallahu Anha) did not like this marriage when it was proposed. Nor did her family. Her brother Abdullah ibn Jahsh expressed his feelings in a very mild way to the Prophet (peace be upon him), but he realized that the Prophet (peace be upon him) really wanted this marriage to take place.

      The reason for their opposition was the fact that Zayd (Raziallahu Anhu) fell into slavery when he was young. The fact that he belonged to a well known Arabian tribe was not considered enough to change their feelings. However, they could not refuse the Prophet (peace be upon him)’s request.

      Zaynab (Raziallahu Anha) asked him: “Do you, Messenger of Allah, consider him a suitable husband for me?” He (peace be upon him) told her that he (peace be upon him) did. She (Raziallahu Anha) then said that she was willing to marry him.

      Thus, the marriage took place.


      Authored By: Adil Salahi < islam@... >


      Alahumma infa`ni bima `allamtani

      wa `allamni ma yanfa`uni!


      OH ALLAH! Make useful for me what You taught me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me!





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