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Love, Marriage and Hadith: A Triumph for My Sister

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  • Mohammad Usman
    Love, Marriage and Hadith: A Triumph for My Sister My sister is a highly educated woman and very devoted to Allah Almighty. Unfortunately we disagree most of
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      Love, Marriage and Hadith: A Triumph for My Sister

                My sister is a highly educated woman and very devoted to Allah Almighty. Unfortunately we disagree most of the time. I have become wary of getting into arguments with her about Islam because  she is very persistent and will not lose a debate inspite of my considerable skills at argumentation.

       A few years back her life was shattered by the cataclysmic death of her college going son in a car accident during a storm on the highway which swept him away along with two of his friends.

             The tragedy changed my sister's life in strange ways which indicates how mysterious the power of Allah is. My sister is now a constant visitor to her Beloved's house in the far away city of Makkah . Sometimes she goes there to spend the last ten days of Ramadan, sometimes for the lesser pilgrimage [Umrah] and sometimes with the tumult of millions hungering for salvation [the Hajj]. Along the way she makes new friends, the hijabi types, in South Africa and in the mosques of Damascus .

             She is constantly preaching the spiritual message of the Hadith of the greatest of all men, Muhammad, peace be on him. I often wonder how a highly westernized woman, immersed in developments in the medical sciences, could change so much and accept the deeply traditional wisdom enshrined in the Hadith.

            Now comes my sister's greatest triumph. She carried out her American-born daughter's wedding according to the Sunnah! She and her husband invited relatives, friends and acquaintances to their daughter's wedding. The young man who married my niece accepted Islam and learned its basic teachings most conscientiously. [Both are medical graduates, just about.]  The task  before my sister, on the day of her daughter's wedding, was to keep both her Muslim and non-Muslim friends happy and yet not violate the Sunnah: quite a task and quite an accomplishment!

             The nikah was performed by an 'Alim from Lebanon . He spoke well about love and tranquility in the words of the Qur'an. Then my sister taught the large audience what she calls the LOVE Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh. These authentic Hadith indicate how Muhammad, pbuh, expressed his love for his wife 'Ayesha, r.a.. All these ceremonies from Hadith easily replaced the jahiliyya ceremonies of our national cultures. Members of the audience made the same symbolic offerings of love and then added a few dollars of SADAQA to help the needy. Finally my sister reminded the assembled guests about the miracle of Zam Zam water which was given to a woman [Hajira, r.a.] who would not accept defeat in the vast expanses of the Arabian desert .

            The Imam from Lebanon was extremely humble and finally [I suspect at the instigation of my sister] urged me to lead the maghrib prayers out on the lawn immediately after sunset. I tried to get out of it by saying that I had forgotten my prayer cap in my car, at which he took off his own cap and gave it to me. [While we prayed, the non-Muslim part of the audience watched the glow of the sunset, a beauty from Allah which no artist can match.]

            A non-Muslim lady at the gathering asked me, with reference to the bridegroom: Why is it that those Christians who marry Muslims embrace Islam. Why can't they remain Christian? I told her that Muslims love Jesus, pbuh, and Mary, pbuh, so by embracing Islam, Christians do not lose Jesus, pbuh. They keep Jesus and Mary, peace be on them, but they gain Muhammad, pbuh, the Seal of the Prophets. So, they win everything and do not lose anything. She said; Now, I know what's going on!

          I have an envious fear that my sister is moving ahead of me in Islamic spirituality. I merely talk and write about the Beloved. She visits the House of the Beloved in Makkah! What goes on there remains a mystery between her and the Beloved.


      With Kind Regards

      Mohammad Usman

      Jeddah-SAUDI ARABIA


      The sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Acquiring (religious) knowledge in company for an hour in the night is better than spending the whole night in prayer.’

      < Al-Tirmidhi;Narrated: Abdullah ibn Abbas ® >


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