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Poems from Islam4all Members

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    As-Salaam u Alaykum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Wa Mughfiratuhu, This E-mail contains a few poems from Islam4all members. Please note that islam4all
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2006
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      As-Salaam u' Alaykum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Wa Mughfiratuhu,
      This E-mail contains a few poems from Islam4all members.
      Please note that islam4all Moderators may not always
      endorse the ideas and opinions expressed in these pieces of poetry.
      Have a nice Reading...!
      From: "wasi950" <wasi950@...>
      Date: Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:26am
      The Wounds of Islam
      After the death of Prophet Mohammed in 632A.D
      The Islamic history was about to be changed
      Conspirators come up with evil plans
      To remove Prophet Mohammed body from the grave
      Prophet Mohammed came in dream of Governor of Baghdad
      And showed him those men's evil faces
      Governor acted promptly and arrested those men
      He kiss the feet of Prophet Mohammed
      And put Iron gates around his grave
      The conspirators doesn't end their evils plans
      They created world`s April fool day
      By killing Muslim leaders deceiving them as a peace day
      Islam again came down as to the religion of it's lowest
      11 September was created to label Muslims as "Terrorist"
      Conspirator inflected Islam with another wound
      This time by drawing Prophet Mohammed cartoons
      Islam will live until the world exists
      Islam's enemy will face justice from Allah soon
      The events proven what the Quran say:
      These people will never ever going to be Muslims friends".

      Copy right (2006) Wasi Siddiqui

      From: Ron Abdul Latif Coleman <colemanr_99@...>
      Date: Fri Feb 10, 2006 3:32pm
      Subject: For you and me
      For you and me
      by Asma bint Shameem
      When the world was full of darkness and oppression
      He worshipped his One Lord in seclusion
      Away from all idols, away from all deity
      In Cave Hiraa he was chosen…..for you and me
      As he propagated the Message True,
      Not many believed him but a few
      He faced torture, persecution and agony
      Yet he endured it….for you and me
      They mocked him, they cursed him, a madman they called him,
      With money they even tried to buy him,
      They threw on him intestines and garbage so filthy,
      But, he patiently persisted…..for you and me
      A heart full of hope, he turned to another place,
      Maybe they will believe in him; his was a familiar face
      But they stoned him, and pelted him with debris
      At Taif, he bled…..for you and me
      Such atrocity! The Heavens shook, the Earth cried
      He could have easily had them destroyed
      Yet he forgave them. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t be
      For they were the ancestors…..for you and me.
      In the Night of Israa, his Lord honored him,
      Up to the Seven Heavens He called him
      When the Order came for Prayers Fifty
      Ya Rabb, five. He pleaded…..for you and me
      For thirteen years he spread Islaam
      Teaching them the basics of Imaan
      Yet they didn’t understand; their hearts were empty
      So to Madina he migrated ….for you and me.
      They tried to stop him, but his Message was unstoppable
      They tried to suppress him, but the Truth was inevitable
      He brought to the world, peace and equality
      He spread the Light….for you and me
      He was truthful, upright, kind and compassionate
      He was humble, noble, brave and so gallant
      Kindness was his message even to his enemy
      Such was his teaching….for you and me.
      He was Allaah’s Beloved, his sins were forgiven,
      But he worshipped all night till his feet were swollen,
      Not for his own self concerned was he
      He prayed all night….for you and me
      It was his Ummah that was the cause of his worry
      His eyes would turn red, his beard so teary
      Our Hereafter was his anxiety
      He shed his tears…..for you and me
      He came to perfect good manners, his was the perfect example
      Quran was his character, so noble was his sample
      He was sent to all creation as a mercy
      He is the Best….for you and me.
      If we follow his Sunnah, uphold his Way
      We will succeed surely on that Day
      No more tiredness, no more thirsty
      He will wait at Kauther….for you and me.
      When all other Prophets will turn away
      Ummati, Ummati is what he will say
      “Forgive them, Ya Allaah!”, will be his plea
      He will intercede….for you and me.
      And now they try, as they tried once before
      To defame and slander him, but one thing’s for sure
      They will NEVER, EVER succeed, for undoubtedly
      He is the highest with the Almighty.
      Look at what he did for you, look how much he loved you
      The big question is: what are YOU going to do?
      The time is NOW….. for you and me.
      But don’t lose perspective, in a moment of passion
      Remember to behave in an Islamic fashion
      Don’t respond to evil with violence and cruelty
      That’s what he said…..to you and me.
      The following poem was sent by two members:
      by sister Minahil Ali and
      then by "M.I.H" <designerishtiaq@...>
      Allah is near

      As'salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
      I cherish a desire of your good health,
      One thing can always cheer me,
      When i'm feeling sad and low:
      When i tire of daily trials,
      That i have to undergo;
      When those who should seem closest,
      Seem like people i dont even know,
      One thing can always cheer me,
      I know that ALLAH is near me.
      One thing can always cheer me
      When i dont understand;
      How pain and sadness in our lives,
      Can get so out of hand;
      When the best of human efforts,
      Doesnt meet the days demands,
      One thing can always cheer me,
      I know That ALLAH is near me.
      One thing can always cheer me,
      More than anything i've known;
      And show me i will never
      Have to struggle on my own.
      For no matter what might ever happen,

      I know i wil never be alone,
      The thing that always cheer me
      Is just knowing ALLAH is near me.

      From: "Modern Muslim"
      Date: Wed Feb 15, 2006 8:23am
      Subject: When I say... I am a Muslim
      When I say... I am a Muslim
      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      I'm not shouting "down with Christians and Jews."
      I am whispering "I seek peace," and Islam is the path that I choose.

      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      I speak of this with pride.
      And confess that sometimes I stumble, and need Allah to be my guide.

      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      I know this makes me strong.
      And in those times when I am weak, I pray to Allah for strength to
      carry on.
      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      I'm not boasting of success,
      I'm acknowledging that Allah has rescued me, and I cannot ever repay the

      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      I'm not claiming to be perfect.
      My flaws are indeed visible, but Allah forgives because his followers are
      worth it.

      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      it does not mean I will never feel pain.
      I still have my share of heartaches, which is why I invoke Allah's name.

      When I say... I am a Muslim,
      I do not wish to judge.
      I have no authority. My duty is to submit to Allah's all-encompassing

      Remember who you are.
      Be people who stand
      up for strength. We live Islam.
      Talk Islam. Eat Islam. Drink Islam.
      Sleep Islam. Die Islam.
      ~ Sh. Hamza Yusuf ~
      From: "M. Malhar" <malharm@...> 
      Date: Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:27am
      Subject: FW: The Honourable Women Of Islam
      The Honourable Women Of Islam 
      We are the honourable women of Islam!
      We don't sell our bodies for people to sell their
      You won't find us advertising for stuff like new
      We don't dress up on the streets as if were some sort
      of merchandise,
      Keep your dirty hands to yourself, or, with Allah, you
      will pay the price.
      We are the honourable women of Islam!
      Oh you men, keep your eyes to your self; we're not
      products on display!
      Throw your pickup lines away; we don't wanna hear what
      you have to say.
      We're not like other women; they sleep all around
      And to that despicable level, we will never come down.
      We are the honourable women of Islam!
      Yes, we wear the Hijab; its our badge of honour from
      We don't dress like other women; we are free from
      their immodest disease.
      We don't sell out and put our selves on billboards,
      We have dignity, and from Allah, we will have our
      We are the honourable women of Islam!
      You won't find us in parties, getting drunk and
      What a shame! Women like that have had their honour
      We don't dress like other women; we're not giving
      every man a cheap thrill,
      We don't dress like the prostitutes that are out just
      chasing the dollar bill.
      We are the honourable women of Islam!
      Don't come to us looking for some dirty one night
      You better turn away from us, and get yourself a
      different plan.
      We aren't messing around; we're busy raising up our
      That's right, were busy taking Islam to the next
      We are the honourable women of Islam!
      We are the ones who raise the ummah and strive to make
      it great,
      If we didn't do our part, then for the ummah, what
      would be its fate?
      From babies to leaders, we are the ones who make them
      what they are.
      We are the honourable women of Islam, without us this
      ummah won't go far!
      From: "Ebrahim Rashid" <ehrashid@...>
      Date: Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:07am
      Love all and hate none.
      Mere talk of peace will avail you naught,
      Mere talk of God and religion will not take you far.
      Bring out all of the lantern powers of your being,
      And reveal the full magnificence of your moral self.
      Be surcharged with peace and joy,
      And scatter them wherever you are and wherever you go.
      Be a blazing fire of the truth,
      Be a beautiful blossom of love,
      And a soothing balm of peace.
       With your spiritual light dispel the darkness of ignorance;
       And dissolve the clouds of discord and war.
      Spread the message of goodwill, peace and harmony among the people.
      Never seek any help, charity or favors from anybody except Almighty God.
      Never go to the courts of Kings,
      but never refuse to bless and help the needy and the poor,
      the widow and the orphan when they come to your door.
      This is your mission, to serve the people.
      From: Ron Abdul Latif Coleman <colemanr_99@...>
      Date: Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:37pm
      Subject: The Scarf
      The Scarf
      By: Nura Alia Hossainzadeh
      They stand there with shorts, so short, excessively short,
      shorts that so deceptively capture from them all they know of modesty...
       ...and I proudly pull my scarf over my hair

      They stand there, face lost in a sea of make-up,
      make-up that so ruthlessly captures from them all they know of freedom...

      ...and I proudly pull my scarf over my hair

      They stand there, hair raining with gels, colors -
      chemicals that so menacingly capture from them all they know of purity...

      ...and I proudly pull my scarf over my hair

      They stand there, so close, so very close to their "lover",
      devoted to them, the devotion that so mercilessly captures from them all they know of individuality...

      ...and I proudly pull my scarf over my hair

      And they stand there, talking of getting new shorts, new gels
      and colors, new boyfriends, materialistic things
      that so wrongfully capture from them all they know of God and love...

      and I proudly pull my scarf over my hair

      For my scarf is my protector, my lover, my devotion, 
      my pureness, my beauty, my rememberance of God,

      And I proudly pull it over my hair knowing that when I wear it,
      I so rightfully thrust away all the things that the devil brought about,

      And when I put it on,
      I am Free...
      May ALLAH reward you all for sharing these
      poems with the group - Ameen
      wa salaam

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