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8762Re: [ Islam4all ] Is ‘Kaba’ safe in Saudi custody?- Dr.M.K.Sherwani

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  • ali muhammad
    Aug 1, 2014
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      On Friday, 25 July 2014, 11:52, "Sherwani Mustafa sherwanimk@... [ISLAM4ALL]" <ISLAM4ALL@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      dear dr sherwani
      plz don't be so sarcastic n personnel while passing the remarks like your this post, it is Allah who has to protect the Makkah (Kabbah) not aal e Saud, haven't you read SURAH AL FEEL ( the surah about ELEPHANTS - Abraha's attack on Makkah)? must read with translation in the language u understand, its a clear cut indication that Allah had n will protect Makkah not u/me/aale saud. Allah has declared Makkah as center of all religious activities ( Markaz e hidayat) aayat number 95


      Is ‘Kaba’ safe in Saudi custody?

      When they see something, they want to disapprove of,
      Even the eunuchs, with bangles in hands, usually clap;
      But the Custodian of ‘Kaba’ is worse in feminine traits,
      He is afraid, lest his Zionist friends may give him a slap.

      It is the high time when the entire Muslim Ummah must start a relentless 
      struggle to seek emancipation of ‘ Mekka’ and ‘Madina’ from the Saudi Regime 
      which is headed by eunuchs. Both the holiest Islamic cities must be granted an 
      independent status like the Vatican city, and controlled by a Joint Council of all 
      Muslim countries, which must take the collective responsibility to ensure their 
      sanctity and protection.

      " Vahdat kee hifaazat naheen be quwwate baazu,
      Aatee naheen kaam yahaan kuchh aqle Khuda daad,
      Eiy marde Khuda tujhko voh quwwat naheen haasil,
      Jaa baith kisee gaar mein, Allah ko kar yaad.'

      ' Iqbal'

      Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
      Lucknow, India

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