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  • Howard Ward
    Hello Poppy - ... **I wasn t sure of exactly what you meant by clear communication , so I limited the meaning to getting the message. Which would refer
    Message 1 of 122 , Mar 1, 2006
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      Hello Poppy -

      >> **Could you provide an example of how the motive
      >> affects clear communication, as what I see is that
      >> the ego-aspect is what tends to hinder the
      >> effectiveness. If we're talking about "getting the
      >> intended message clearly" when we say "clear
      >> communication", how do you see motive affecting
      >> that?
      >i'm getting a little confused. maybe i misused the
      >word "motive" and should have used the word "cues"
      >that we've been using for tone, body language and so
      >forth. so that sentence should have read "the cues of
      >another person are integral to clear and effective
      >communication, not simply an ego-reflection for me."
      >does that make more sense? or does your question still
      >apply and i missed your point?

      **I wasn't sure of exactly what you meant by "clear communication", so I limited the meaning to "getting the message." Which would refer specifically to the message the 'words' were meant to communicate.

      I think the "cues" communicate other messages, 'related' to the message in the words. The message the cues transmit won't communicate clearly online, but the words can still communicate clearly without the cues...it seems to me.

      The message the cues send seem to be things like: I'm angry, I'm concerned, I'm anxious, I'm nervious, etc. I think they tell us how the person "feels" about the message they are communicating.

      But let's say I want to see more clearly the reason people don't easily change, and I want to explore this with others in a group dialogue. If someone says: If people feel they are going to be personally judged for the opinions they express openly, they will generally avoid such situations, which then hinders their possibilities of learning."

      Now, if I wish to see and understand if this is an accurate reflection of reality, do I need to know the physical cues of the person making the suggestion? Would those cues affect in any way the accuracy of the statement, or make the words more clear?

      I think it might be valuable to know how that person feels about it, but those cues don't seem vital to "getting the message"...it seems to me. They seem to communicate other information, but not information vital to understanding what the person is trying to say.

      That's what I'm seeing. If the cues hold important information useful to understanding the message in the words, it's not clear to me.

      Regards - Howard
    • Charu
      It s been a long time since we played Name the Meme. I can t find my cards, but they are easy enough to make up as you go along. Let s see what I can
      Message 122 of 122 , Mar 20, 2006
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        It's been a long time since we played Name the Meme. I can't find my
        cards, but they are easy enough to make up as you go along. Let's see
        what I can remember...
        You aren't good enough.
        You don't own enough.
        People are judging you.
        Life is unsatisfactory.
        You are not safe.
        Your children are not safe.
        You are not significant.
        Better life through Chemistry.
        Nature is our enemy.
        Nature is our playground/backdrop.
        Natural things are unwholesome.
        Cleanliness is next to godliness.
        Excessive waste = better health.

        Are these all memes? They seem to be more than product promotion.
        These are ideas that drive life choices not just consumer choices.
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