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    My name is Alberto Licheri and I am from Italy. Together with some friends, I wrote an appeal on overpopulation which has been published in the site of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2004
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      My name is Alberto Licheri and I am from Italy. Together with some friends, I wrote an appeal on overpopulation which has been published in the site of the Transnational Radical Party. "Radical" does not mean "extremist": it means "radically democratic". Italy owes to this party the legalization of divorce and abortion and other important achievements. The appeal is addressed to Marco Pannella, the leader of the radicals, who is the only italian politician who understands how big a problem overpopulation is. The appeal asks him to do somethng to face this problem, since he is aware of it.
      The appeal is followed by a writing of Luigi De Marchi (a prominent italian intellectual), of which I have an English translation:

      Population Explosion – Another Tragic Present
      of Political and Religious Dogmatism

      Population Explosion has been described as “the Mother of All Contemporary Tragedies” because hunger, thirst, war, poverty, mass unemployment, pollution, mass migrations and desertification are obviously and strictly connected with the dramatic 5-fold increase which brought mankind from 1,2 billion in 1900 to 6 billion people at the end of the century. In order to adequately evaluate this increase one must be aware that the increase of human population in one single year , at the end the past century, was equal to its increase during the first Millennium of the Christian era.

      But, in spite of its unparalleled gravity and impact on all major human problems, population explosion has been ignored throughout the past century, not only by political and religious leaders but also by their lackeys in demographic Departments, forcing some keen observers to conclude that the greatest tragedy in population explosion is not its scale and impact but its total denial by the political, religious and scientific establishment.

      This denial cannot be explained logically , but only psychologically . All major religious and political dogmas during the last century, from Catholicism to Islamism, from Fascism to Communism, in spite of their proclaimed contrasts in all other areas, have unanimously rejected all programs of population control or family planning in their national and international policy. Why ? In our opinion, because contraception inevitably involves an attack on the sexual taboos which, as political psychology has demonstrated, are a basic pillar of religious and political fanaticism and because the multiplication of breads and fishes is a basic promise of all political and religious Paradises.

      Now, after a repression of half a century due to Christian and Islamic, Fascist and Communist hierarchies and a mass murder of half a billion babies starved to death, 10 million women killed by illegal abortion, 200 million young men killed by territorial wars and other incalculable multitudes killed by poverty, mass unemployment and genocides, the issue of overpopulation is once again imposing its overwhelming profile to the international community, because neither brilliant economists nor fascinating ideologists can explain one single plain fact – i.e. the only Third World countries which have defeated poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment are those (China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) which have simultaneously adopted free market economy and birth control.

      But how can we obtain rapid population control without adopting the coercive policies of China ? Once again psychology, and motivational psychology in particular, can offer a valid answer, as Italian specialized studies have persuasively shown. However, this answer, as all birth control measures, must be sustained politically by democratic Governments by conditioning all kinds of economic and social help for Third World countries to the adoption of birth control in their national policies.

      Prof. Luigi De Marchi


      I  warmly invite you to sign this appeal and to make others sign it.

      Go to http://www.radicalparty.org/welcome2.html

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