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9851Re: [ishmael_discussion] WAKE UP!

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  • David Swedlow
    Apr 11, 2010
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      Hey Mike, I just finished Freedom (tm), Suarez's sequel to Daemon. I didn't
      realize that you had posted about Suarez when I responded to your Wakeup
      post until I did a search in my gmail for "Suarez".

      Like minds think great? Anyway, I can't help but notice the lack of response
      here. I guess the post-apocalypse is passe these days.

      Curious if there are any Gen Y readers out there who've read Suarez. He
      dedicates Freedom to them, after all.

      - David

      On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 11:31 AM, Mike <d13wei@...> wrote:

      > This is Mike Davis, the list owner. First off, I'm sorry for the spam email
      > that came over this morning; I've worked very hard to avoid that in this
      > group, and I've removed the message and the member who posted it.
      > More importantly: You're on this list because you asked to join it a long
      > time ago; because you feel that the ideas presented in ISHMAEL and Daniel
      > Quinn's other books are worth pursuing and achieving.
      > This is the original non-official ISHMAEL list that has been around for
      > years. We have 442 members. Let's all WAKE UP and start talking and doing
      > again. Re-read the books. Send an email to the group -- or simply reply to
      > this one, and let's get the conversation going again!
      > It may be "just talk", but talk leads to action.
      > Mike Davis
      > http://twitter.com/mikedavis50322

      David L Swedlow
      cell: 512.589.8834

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