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9849Re: [ishmael_discussion] Materialism and Beyond (was: DQ controversy)

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  • Stephen Figgins
    Apr 8, 2010
      On the subject of technology, I have enjoyed some of the writings of Steve
      Talbott. You might too. You can find his writings here:


      I'm checking out Ellul. I don't know if I'll get to Bauman's book though.
      My library doesn't have it. I did check out his wikipedia page and so got a
      quick synopsis of his ideas on liquid modernity.

      The breakdown of a larger cultural context is something I struggle with
      sometimes. Here in the US we have mostly lost a concept of extended family,
      and our traditional cultural connections have melted away in the melting
      pot. Even the nuclear family has a hard time holding it together. I wonder
      what this will mean for my own family, especially as my kids are getting

      In a way, I've been looking for my tribe. I think I have found it in
      certain communities, (the bioregional and wilderness awareness communities)
      but it's still a hazy thing. We will have a lot of work ahead of us to pull
      things together.

      Sometimes I get tired of books that tell me how everything is broken. I
      tend to skim through them now, looking for the chapters on what to do now.
      I better appreciate books that have ideas on how to make things work.


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