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9848Re: [ishmael_discussion] DQ controversy

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  • Janos Biro
    Apr 8, 2010

      Sure, it is a completely different thing from what I understood before, but
      it is still the same in some way, you see?

      Faith can be almost the opposite of religion, you know?

      God bless you


      2010/4/8 Stephen Figgins <stephen@...>

      > On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Janos Biro <janosbirozero@...<janosbirozero%40gmail.com>>
      > wrote:
      > > "Because if we didn't want to survive we would not. Evolution suggests
      > not
      > > wanting to survive would pretty quickly eliminate us from the gene pool.
      > So
      > > nature favors those who want to live."
      > >
      > > So? You are still implying we somehow SHOULD survive, even if we now have
      > > enough will not to.
      > >
      > No. I'm stating that we survive because we do have a will to survive. If we
      > lose that will, we will not survive.
      > > I am wearing an old cloth I once wearied and shunned away. But, you know,
      > a
      > > realized I just shunned it because I expected it to be something it's not
      > > supposed to be. It's not because I grow, but because I wanted something
      > > cooler. I don't want to relate to God as I relate to a piece of cloth.
      > It's
      > > nothing like that. I believe because of love, not because it fits me.
      > >
      > Really? I've often wondered if my wandering would some day lead me back to
      > Christianity. I expect if it did, I would have an extremely different
      > understanding of it than I had when I was last a part of that fold. For me,
      > it would be new clothes. I wouldn't be able to fit back into my old
      > understanding.
      > --
      > Stephen
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