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Saturday, August 23rd 2008

Dear Girls, We only got 3 confirmation from people wanting to play hockey tomorrow. So nothing is arranged for us. Anyway, the men are playing, so feel free to
Aug 22, 2008

Fw: Ladies hockey

I can come this Saturday. I couldn't join last night due to a dentist visit. ... From: cristina irma To: Alley Heffern ;
ika untari
Aug 20, 2008

Re: Message from Ken Allan

I can make it, but will have to leave straight after the game. See you all there, i hope!! Laura:) ... From: Ika To:
Laura Muller
Aug 15, 2008

Re: Message from Ken Allan

Dear All, Very sorry, I have a family things to do this Saturday. I'm available next week' tho. Cheers, Ika ... From: Ika To:
ika untari
Aug 15, 2008

Message from Ken Allan

Dear Ladies, This week we'll play against STEI gilrs again to help them prepare for their KL tour. Can we aim to START at 3 PM please so you get a full game?
Aug 15, 2008

Re: Game on Wed, 13 August 2008

... i'm so sorry girls, but i can't come this wednesday.but i can come next week. bm
Aug 11, 2008

Game on Wed, 13 August 2008

Good game we had last Saturday. But maybe, a little practice won't hurt, don't you think (I guess I need it more than anyone of you, as last Saturday was my
Aug 11, 2008
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