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Con Ed: 41 homes out of power - have trucks left?

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  • Catherine
    Number for Con Ed: 800.75CONED I ll give exact details about getting through to a live representative as soon as I get them from Ed. ++++++++++++ Hi everyone -
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2012
      Number for Con Ed:

      I'll give exact details about getting through to a live representative as soon as I get them from Ed.


      Hi everyone -

      People should call Con Ed to press for a commitment to restoring power sooner rather than later. People's friends should call, too.

      I hope the mayor will press Con Ed as well. We need govt on the case.

      Ed spoke to a Con Ed representative a few minutes ago. There are 41 Irvington homes without power. Best date the rep could give for restoration of power "to your area" is next Friday at midnight, but that's not a commitment. It's an 'expectation.'

      Con Ed has an emergency work order out on the 41 homes.

      Ed told her our house is uninhabitable, and the representative gave him a Hurricane Sandy helpline & the number for Red Cross. I'll pass those along shortly.

      Ed also drove through the two sections without power. No work is being done, and no trucks are present.

      [update: we've just learned that one street downtown is dark -- there's a Con Ed 'scout' on the street: a man in a minivan. If there are other sections without power that we haven't heard about, perhaps someone could let us know. We've been holed up & incommunicado for the most part, so we've had limited info.]

      I'm concerned because news reports have had Con Ed saying they would respond to large numbers of people, not to "pockets."

      Is 41 homes a "pocket"?

      Have the trucks moved on to bigger jobs?

      I don't know, and I have no way of finding out at this point.

      It's possible the mayor would be able at least to get some answers.

      If we knew, for a fact, that Con Ed has moved on, if we knew for a fact that Friday midnight is the absolute earliest we'll have power, we would be better able to make plans.

      One last thought: I assume we'll have more of these storms. For future reference, we need to know exactly how Con Ed approaches disaster relief. What is a pocket, and what is not a pocket?

      How are priorities set?

      We need to know these things simply to be better prepared for the next storm.

      914 262 0690
      I can pick up email at: hillisjohnson@...
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