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  • David Graeber
    Sep 17, 2014
      Good evening Fellow Irvington residents,
      When I first moved into Irvington 2 and a half short years ago, I was told by someone that "baseball is a dying sport in Irvington". I was taken aback by the statement and soon discovered that it was a falsehood . . . in fact, baseball and the entire range of athletic pursuits were in full swing in our fine town.
      This past weekend-as we did last year- my children began their fall soccer schedule with the reinvigorated AYSO program, we rolled up on the Dow's Lane fields and were confronted with nothing short of a dust storm. As the kids played, they choked on dirt. They choke on dirt because HS football uses the elementary school fields for practice and the irrigation is ineffective in restoring the grass. Our K-3 kids, kids who need the most room to run and play - are limited to playing in a dust bowl.
      When I stroll up through East Field with my children, we have to navigate a mine field of rocks and, ankle breaking divots. When we watch the bulldogs play football, we see the puddles and pools of water from poor drainage. When I went to open school evening this past week at Dow's the facilities were hot and the lighting dim.
      As I read the conflicting accounts of why or why not this Bond is a good thing -and I think it is a VERY GOOD THING - or a bad pursuit for our village, I respect the thoughts and feelings of the folks who don't agree with the proposal. I respect the environmental concerns folks might have, and I respect the financial considerations expressed- I also understand why folks might be opposed. But when I consider the impact that something like this project will bring to not only my children, but to the homeowners without children in the schools - I consider the opportunity to upgrade the facilities a critical action. I will vote YES on this Bond and I urge you all to take a strong look at all the facts and positives this will bring to our community as a whole.
      Please feel free to forward this email to anyone in the community it may not have reached.
      Thank you for your time and ear - and I hope to see you all out enjoying the beautiful fall in Irvington!]

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